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This week, Starts at 60 member Dianne wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

What is the best moisturiser for older skin? I have tried bath oil and it’s not working. Sick of throwing away good money only to find it does not work!

Can you help her? What is your advice?

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  1. Body moisturiser I like Sukin soothing body lotion its great for sensitive skin, in fact they do a pretty good range all round. I also don’t use commercially made soap as it can be drying as is the commercially made body washes with all the chemicals. Sukin do a range of products called Super Greens which are very nice. Don’t forget to drink water. Long hot showers or baths can be drying as they can dry out the natural body oils on your skin – keep your showers or baths shorter and water not too hot.

  2. Coconut oil. I used to spend money on moisturisers until I started using coconut oil and found out how effective and moisturising it was. So now I use it on my skin as well as use it in food.

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    • Penny I just buy it from the supermarket. The Macro brand in Woolies or the Planet Food from Coles are two brands I buy but there are others I have happily bought too. I always make sure I get the unrefined coconut oil and preferably cold-pressed at it has more of the natural goodness and benefits. You only to spoon out less than 1/4 teaspoon to do your whole face and neck.

    • Try and get it in a glass jar as some plastics leech chemicals into products

  3. I find it is best to use your moisturiser as soon as you get out of the shower. The heat of the shower has opened your pores and the moisturiser is more easily absorbed. I use plain old Vaseline. I know that a lot of people don’t like it but it works for me.

  4. by far the best one I have ever used is InfiniteAloe Skin care, from Hawaii, bit dear now due the dollar.
    4 yrs in the desert with some harsh water and dry climate, was fantastic cream

  5. I have, and still do, use anything with lanolin as a body moisturiser. Having handled the fleece from shorn sheep when I was younger convinced me of its effectiveness. Face moisturiser, I still with Garnier products.

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    • Anne do you have arthritis in your hands? My mother didn’t and she always maintained because she knitted and crocheted with wool the lanolin stopped it. Just curious.

    • No, Delmae Brown I don’t. Your mum might be right. I put it down to good luck but I have knitted from the time I was a teen. I just love the smooth, non greasy feel of the lanolin cream which I buy from a “dollar” store, 500ml/$4.00.

    • I believe the lanolin is removed from the wool during the cleaning process and sold as a by-product.

    • Fred Davies I think you are correct. However you can buy raw wool already spun or spin it yourself. May be Delmae’s mum knitted with that.

  6. Good idea to read the ingredients on the products of what goes on your skin, you may be surprised what a chemical cocktail you are putting on yourself all the time.

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    • Hi Penny, yes so true. I use Organic Spa from Byron Bay – truely organic with no chemicals. I have bought half their range so far, gorgeous!

    • There are so many places you can buy chemical free soap now, online and many people make and sell it at local farmers markets for example.

  7. I discovered Bio oil used it religiously for 3 months to see results and was more than pleased also use it on arms and legs best my skin has looked in years

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    • BIO OIL is the best thing ever. It leaves the skin non greasy but moistened, and it helps repair scars.
      An all round winner.

  8. The best time to moisturise is when the skin is wet. I.e do not dry off, moisturise then pat dry. Makes a huge difference. My daughter who has a severe skin condition was told to soak her hands for 30 mins then use her dermatological creams, then place hands in latex gloves ( or equivalent) then cotton gloves to keep them putfor overnight. It allows her medicinal creams to effectively penetrate the skin. I have started using the wet moisturising technique and after 2 days my hands and body look and feel much better

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