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This week, Starts at 60 member Elly wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

We will be going away next year for about 8 weeks. Has anyone in the SAS community made use of a house sitter/s and what were your experiences? We have a dog that needs to be looked after during this time. Which house sitting website did you find the best?

Can you help her? What is your advice?


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  1. We have had great house sitters ( www. Housecarers.com) at no cost and have also housesat ourselves – all great experiences including five months in the Uk!

  2. That might be fine for some but it would not be fine for me, I would be to worried something would break or the cat would get run over or the goldfish would drown while I was in charge of someone else’s house. I would never be able to relax

  3. Yes we have several times. A single chap cared for our house for 5 weeks at one time, 3 weeks another and again earlier this year. However recently he was unavailable so we used some friends who were holidaying in the area. Couldn’t fault it. The house was spotless both times and the garden great. However, these people did not come through a house sitting website the chap being recommended to us by other house sitters for friends.

  4. We are on our third house sit this year. A couple for family and another unknown to us but referred by my son. They have now referred us to others for a house sit over Christmas. Suits many of us Grey Nomads. We have looked after cats and dogs.

  5. I house sit for friends while they go away and enjoy having the cats to look after. Unfortunately, our house sitter pulled out at last minute for our trip recently. Always have a plan B up your sleeve!

  6. We use house sitters regularly and we love the service. I can relax that there is someone in the house for security and that our two dogs are looked after. We have had some wonderful couples sit for us, and are using the service again in 2 weeks time. Our gardens are watered, mail collected and the house is always clean and tidy.

  7. This is my 1st year housesitting & loving it there been no problem with the owners & l looking after a house 2nd time for this owner & have 2 dogs that love going out for walks I on the Aussie housesitting site,at the age of 67 l looking forward for a few more years of housesitting

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