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This week, Starts at 60 member Rosemary wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

“I would like to go to Fiji for a mini break but is it a good place to go for a older couple who just want to sight see and find out a bit of history? Or would we be better off visiting somewhere north of Cairns?”

Share your answers and advice below.

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  1. Fiji is a very laid back country, the Fijjian people are delightful, there are some really great resorts that you can just lay back and relax or go sightseeing

  2. FIJI has become very expensive. We were there over Christmas found this also their VAT has gone from fifteen per cent to thirty per cent.

  3. Fiji is lovely but given the choice between them both I’d go north of Cairns but then I just love Port Douglas…..

  4. Never been to Fiji but Cairns, Daintree and Cape Tribulation are wonderful. Also Atherton Tablelands and waterfalls near Babinda.

  5. Love Fiji, but don’t go to the big markets when a cruise ship is in port, prices go up, otherwise bargains galore and the Fijians are lovely laid back people.

  6. Don,t know if there is much history in Fiji, lots of water sports & relaxation. Norfolk Island would have more history.

  7. Done resort type holiday and cruise to Fiji last 2 years. Not much to see….no history to speak of…..no architecture to see…..resort relaxing about it….go north loved that…..

  8. Just did a 14 day cruise around New Caledonia and Fiji. Not much to do on the islands unless you like snorkelling. We loved the Holland America Cruise but would never go to any of the islands for a holiday. They are expensive too. Bali and Thailand are cheaper and a lot to see at cheaper rates. Or Queensland.

  9. I’m going back to fiji in March (3rd trip) but really it’s a lazy holiday. Nothing to do and see ( not that floats my boat anyway). The Fijian people are lovely and very friendly. Very poor by our standards so think we are all rich. Try and stay out of the market, Sigatoka market was a scary experience. Suva was eye opening, traffic terrifying, shops more westernised. Nadi was very third world. The beach on the coral coast was lovely. Not sure why I’m going again really, got an extremely good deal (so maybe that’s why) and its a friends 60th and she wanted to go there, so we’re off. Happy hour is always good. Lol. Loved FNQ.

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