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This week, Starts at 60 member Robyn has a question for the sewing fans and dressmakers in the Starts at 60 community:

What do dressmakers do with their old patterns? Do I bin them, or is there another home for them?

Can you help? Have you found any interesting uses for your old patterns?
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  1. you can use them quite successfully for paper mache, if you have an interesting looking one you could frame it or you can just hang onto them

  2. When my sewing day were over the whole lot of them ended up in the op shop!

  3. Some people collect vintage patterns. I know one of my daughters does. You can sell them on EBay or Etsy.

  4. Some people collect them. I know one of my daughters does. She usually finds them in op shops. Also you can sell them on EBay and Etsy

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