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This week, Starts at 60 member Jim wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

“Hi all, just thought I would ask for feedback from any of you that have downsized and may live in an over 50s village”

Can you help him? What have you experienced in downsizing? What village do you live in and what advice do you have?

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  1. just be careful that there is no one under 50,because they can put people in that have Disability of any age,it happened to us

  2. have not done it yet but looking to fairly soon,there are some good villages around now, do your research

  3. There’s are big difference between a retirement village and a nursing home. 90% of people in retirement villages love the life style. It is independent living.

  4. Have looked at over 50s villages and would like to take the plunge but are disappointed that most people seem to buy in are in their 70s

  5. Make sure you do your homework. We have done this & know what we are going to do. Have sold up, etc but are touring Aust. In our van at the moment. But one thing we found was the non for profit organizations are the best. But they don’t have lots of bells & whistles. Depends what you are looking for

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    • Where do you find the not for profits homes, I’m getting very frustrated looking into these homes as the fees I find are exorbitant

    • Council for the aging should be able to help or Seniors information service. If you are in SA u can point you in the right direction. Other states I know just a few

  6. I’m looking into 55 and over villages, but I find all the fees etc exorbitant, surely there are some villages that are not for profit places, but where are they, I just don’t want to throw my money away

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    • Vivienne, my wife and I are researching over 50s places at present and monthly rates are around $300 per month which we thought was very reasonable. No rates, no maintenance, no body corporate fees, all we have to pay for is telephone, internet, and electricity.

  7. I moved into a Lifestyle village over 18 months ago. It was the best decision I have ever made. The age group is for over 55s but the ages range from that to 80. Lifestyle is not a retirement Village, it is for likeminded people wanting security and fun times with likeminded people. There is always something to do or people to talk to if you are so inclined. We do pay a maintenance fee fortnightly but we get reduced electricity rates, no council rates and our club house is a haven for activities providing a cinema, swimming pool, gymnasium, billiards room and so much more. Unfortunately only in Victoria so far. Love it.

  8. Jim – do plenty of research before choosing where. Lots of little things – when you can’t drive, is there a Village bus? Are there plenty of choices to join in various hobbies, interests?
    I’m at Cardinia Waters in Pakenham, and followed those easy, investigative suggestions prior to choosing. Best move I could have made! Good Luck.

  9. I live in a Residential Park, so own my own 2 bedroom home, but pay rent. This includes the rates, water, garden & lawn maintenance. I get the maximum rent assistance from Centrelink. In a Retirement Village you are NOT entitled to rent assistance. Yes the rent is high, but seems to only go up $5 per annum, so the longer you live here, the better off you are financially. Ages range from 55 to 95. I am 61.There is a real community spirit here. There is no need to be lonely, if you join in at least some of the activities. Neighbours look out for each other. I am very happy here, and making new friends all the time. I would have moved here years ago, if only I had known that Residential Parks existed. I was quite lonely living by myself in an outer suburb. Here I am closer to the City, and just a few minutes walk to bus & tram, and have a new shopping centre immediately behind the Park. It is so convenient.

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