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This week, Starts at 60 member Frances wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

Have recently been diagnosed with Diverticulitis. Just wondering if there are any support groups/websites etc out there? Also interested in hearing how other people with it deal with it? Foods to stay away from? Relief methods? Any other valuable info and tips? Thank you all.

Can you help her? What is your advice?

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  1. It is quite common – evidently diverticular desease can flare up and become diverticulitis. Also runs in families. I have it but have never had a flare up. Some doctors say to not eat things with small seeds like passionfruit, tomatoes etc, but others say to eat them. You might try the internet for support groups and for more information google ‘diverticulitis’.

  2. Bugger of a thing but can overcome it by using movicol (I call it move a long ) and eat no nuts unless crushed up as they get into pockets poles also good for you

  3. Can be quite painful, heat pack sometimes help. I was advised to always check in with Dr as a.b’s were needed with some urgency. I’ve always eaten all the things that long ago we’re supposed ‘no no’s’, made sure I kept regular, and haven’t had an attack for a very long time. Hope this continues for me!

  4. I have suffered from diverticular disease for about 30 years (my mother suffered from it to) and have had many flare ups. I had one very nasty case of diverticulitis whilst visiting my daughter in England (2012) and was hospitalised for a few days (excellent treatment). I have since take the advice of my endocrinologist (I am also a Type 2 diabetic like my mother and both grandmothers) and have Benefibre with my breakfast every morning and have not had an attack of diverticulitis since the one I had in England in 2012. I used to have a couple of attacks of diverticulitis a year.

  5. I have this disease also the worst thing is corn of any kind and nuts,can eat tomatoes but some doctors say not to eat anything that has seeds,when you think about it lots of things have seeds

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