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This week, Starts at 60 member Denise wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

Interested in others’ opinions. A friend of my daughter’s was wanting to participate in a 60k walk over two days to raise money for women’s cancer. She put up a website so people could donate money and she paid $50 to walk, however it turns out that they won’t allow her to walk as she has only raised $300. They have said she can’t walk unless she raises $2000. I posted on their Facebook page to see if was correct and this is the reply. I wonder how many more people who were hoping to participate can’t do it now as they can’t afford or raise the $2000?

Hi! Thank you all for your feedback! We ask for such a bold amount because we’re working toward making an extremely bold impact. All of the funds raised go straight to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and they’ve already done amazing things from the dollars raised by our walkers alone. Of course every dollar counts and is incredibly important to us, we just want to create an inspiring weekend for all of our walkers and show everyone how much they truly are helping us end cancer.

What is your advice?

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  1. There is also a bike ride over 2 days which does exactly the same thing. I was going to participate in the bike ride a couple of years ago – but I didn’t because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to raise the amount I needed to raise. Surely, a little is better than the NOTHING you’d raise just because you couldn’t raise enough and not be able to participate!!! I can see why they are thinking the way they are – BUT something is still better than NOTHING!!!

  2. What sort of snots are these people? Only for the extremely wealthy. What has Australia become? A lesser country than it used to be. Obviously I won’t be donating to Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse. My sister in law gives to this charity by donating as a birthday/Christmas present in someone else’s name. I wonder if she’ll decide another charity is the way to go after this disgusting episode. Rich people like this shit me. They even think they own a charity!

  3. Perhaps thy could take the money and do something nice for homeless people. Even very small amounts are useful there.

  4. The money you raised could go to a local charity who do good works for your community. And join a local walking club to be amongst friends.

  5. every $$$$$ big or small counts if you get $2350.00 o you get to keep the $350.00 of course not. Just do it the $2000.00 rule is silly

  6. Totally wrong. What happened to the old saying. All donations gratefully accepted. Would make me want to donate to another charity that is truly grateful for anything

  7. I know this to be true as I have a friend who is doing the same thing, so to raise the so called entry fee of $2000.00 each they have been holding stalls such as selling muffins and also sausage sizzles, only to discover they were still not going to be able to run, however the organisation said they would accept the money as a donation. I think they should donate the money to a more deserving organisation, because that is disgusting to actually tell you that it is a set amount.

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  8. I don’t get it. It’s the same with a lot of charities that accost you at the shopping centres. They won’t take my donation of $20 but want me to sign up for a regular withdrawal from my bank account. They get nothing then. I give it to some other charity that is not so greedy.

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