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Our community member Robyn wrote to us asking for what our community thinks of grandparents taking care of grandchildren.

Do you take care of your grandchildren? Is it something you’re happy to do? What are the circumstances? Is it fair to expect that you will take care of your grandkids?

Tell us below.

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  1. We are both late sixties and retired. We mind the youngest (2 year old) grandchild one day a week, which is a joy as she is a lovely kid. We also have 2 others before and after school 3 days a week for an hour or so (their mum is back at work part time).
    I do not feel we have been pressured into this and we are happy to help out.

  2. I often look after one of my grandchildren usually on short notice but I love it and it doesn’t matter if I have something planned, it just take him with me.

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  3. I ask the question because I’ve. Had one placed in my permanent care and am struggling, used to living on my own. Sorry for not making myself clear.

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    • Sorry to hear you’re struggling, Robyn, It can be hard when life changes from our usual routine. I can’t give advice from experience but I do know that our church has lots of activities for children and adults alike, both during the week and on the weekends so maybe there is a community church close to you who could give you some advice or just provide some form of entertainment for the child and support for you. All the best and hope it gets easier for you. Oh, and Merry Christmas 🙂 x

    • Robyn ! Where are you ?? There are grandparent support groups around !! I’m a grandparent just finished looking after mine had him for the last 13 years !! He was a very good boy ! Still is !! Tell me where a outs u are I might be able to guide you ?? Financially ect !!

  4. i am 63 yrs old and have had my now eleven ur old grandson since he was 3 months old.It is very hard and my health has suffered.Father has come and gone in his life and does the same with prison where he is presently, maybe a log time this time.
    Mother popped up a few months ago after ten years and spoke to him on ph for an hour , txt a couple of times and then heard nothing for last four months.That was her first and last chance.The poor boy takes all this in his stride luckily.He is medicated for ADHD and ODD and does very well at school and has high goals for his future.Even tho he thinks often I am the bad one hopefully one day he will thank me.

  5. I am always happy to help out but our grandchildren go to child care on days their parents work. That way we are free to make our own plans. I have friends who care for gkids several days a week and they lose touch with friends as they are too busy being surrogate parents. However it is up to each of us to decide.

  6. Luckily the oldest is 13, and there are three girls. My chassis is worn out and I couldn’t handle little ones now. Love it when they stay!!!

  7. Mine are now school age so very little care needed. However my then 65 year old husband, just retired spent a lot of time looking after our first grandchild, now14. Subsequent children tended to go to child cars. A friend is very involved with her four grandchildren and I think getting quite worn out.

  8. We have our grand kids come for a sleep over now and then one of them has special needs ….we love it …and it gives our daughter and son in law some quality time to themselves …

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