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This week, community member Patricia wrote to us, asking for some community advice:

Hate buying a new mattress at my age, however, think I need to. Advice please. How does one choose? A five minute lie on it doesn’t seem very satisfactory? I have a bad back and shoulders and don’t want rubber latex. Any advice would be welcome.

Can you help her? What is your advice buying a mattress?

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  1. one piece of advice….if you do buy a ‘pillow top’….and they are good….make sure it is pillow top AND bottom…otherwise you cannot turn your mattress….you can only rotate it as the bottom is not made for sleeping on…

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    • you can turn Antoinette but you cannot flip them over….although mine is made for a slat bed… most have pillow top on only one side….but I have seen them with pillow top and bottom…that will be my next choice…

    • I bought a 6cm Memory Foam topper for my bed and it is the best thing I have ever slept on. A full memory foam bed (which my ex in the USA had) would be the ultimate, but this does the trick very nicely.

    • Been informed modern beds don’t need turning so much.

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      • I purchased my bed in the last 2 years and was told to turn or rotate the mattress once a month and this was direct from the manufacturer.

    • haha…I know Kerry….but some habits either ‘die hard’ or just do not die at all…lol

    • I have a wonderful pillow top mattress and do not need to turn it as the pillow top is made of latex and that makes all the difference (have had for some years) Bought it form the manufacturer, best decision ever

  2. About 4 years ago, took almost a year to choose (yes i know i couldnt make up my mind), finally chose a pillow top (didnt know you could get top and bottom)sleepmaker, best thing i ever did

  3. Two years ago, at Capalaba, a little bit hard, brought from Capalaba on Redland bay road, many bed shops there you have to go and try them best way.

  4. Thankyou for all your advice and comments. Seems pillow top and bottom the go. I did think with new mattresses that, you didn’t have to turn.?? Been good getting your opinions…(Y) Seems like I’ll have to try, firm to medium to be on safe side?? :O Cheers 🙂 PS ?? Does the pillow top when, underneath, get squashed??

  5. My sister went to snooze mob. They have a weird machine that measures you. Takes into account partner or single etc. Your weight body shape. There aren’t cheap but she settled on a memory foam with a temperature neutral gel as she sleeps hot. on custom slats she is thrilled with it. And the guys who delivered and assembled it were on time and fantastic. Would recommend them if you have one near you.
    Ps. Don’t have to flip but helps to rotate occasionally or swap sides if you’re single. Etc.

  6. I thought I needed a new mattress, but w as advised to buy a pillow top instead of the expense of mattress, so glad I did its amazing don’t want to get out of bed so comfortable and on;y 50 dollars great buy

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