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This week, Starts at 60 member Dorothy wrote in asking for some community advice…

Can I please pose a question to a group of people who may have pieces of metal in their hips, knees, or anywhere else, and also like to travel. What are their experiences at airport security? Do alarm bells go off? Do they just use their scars as evidence and is this acceptable?

Can you help Dorothy? Share your answers below.

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  1. Airport security do not accept Drs notes. Last year my husband went through the whole body scanner, much less hassle than removing shoes, belts wallets etc.

  2. Yes whistles and bells do go off, but then they ask you to take off shoes then they just put a scanner on and move it around ,only takes a couple of seconds.

  3. My husband has had a hip replacement. Sometimes when he walks through and the signal goes off when he tells them about his hip and they say “ok” and send him on his way; other times they check and recheck that the hip replacement is the cause of the signal going off.

  4. I haven’t tried flying since I had my replacement but the alarm went off at the courthouse. I just showed my scar. My doctor has offered to write a letter stating that I have a steel prosthesis. Perhaps you could ask your doctor if unsure. Depending on where your scar is it is not always possible to show. Happy travels.

  5. I had a knee replacement, went through Sunshine Coast Airport, all the bells and whistles went off but I only had to have my shoes scanned!

  6. I have a plate in my arm and traveled to Canada and USA and had no problems,I was waiting for alarms to go off at all the airports but nothing. I did have a letter in case though.

  7. I have a knee replacement. In spite of a card from the surgeon and offering to show my scar the airport staff are only interested in using their scanners. Some have not been very friendly about it either. Depends who you get I suppose! Maureen

  8. Dorothy, I have a metal plate in my arm and it has never caused the metal detector to go off.

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