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Everyone enjoys a good cuppa, especially now that it’s winter and the cold is quite noticeable in many parts of the country. Sometimes, however, the tea flavour doesn’t come through as nicely as you would like after brewing a fresh pot.

While tea doesn’t go bad over time, there is sometimes a possibility that its flavour goes flat, or that it absorbs the flavours of things around it – thus altering how your favourite brew tastes. This sometimes makes buying tea in bulk – which is generally a cost-effective measure – an unappealing one.

But what if there was a way to ensure that your black tea stayed fresh for at least 2 years? This is possible, as long as you ensure one simple thing – proper storage in an airtight container. Packing your loose leaf tea in an airtight container, keeping it away from light, and storing it between 15.5°C and 26.6°C will ensure the long life of your tea’s flavour.

If you use individually wrapped tea packets that have their own sealed container, you’re in the clear. However, individually wrapped tea packets that do not have a casing can be stored the same way as loose leaf tea.

How do you store your tea? Do you have any tips for extending the life of your tea?

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