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Some people leap into retirement at an early age while others hold onto the working life for as long as they can. Angelo Francassa worked all the way up until he turned 86. He worked for 20 years more than the average person and on his last day he was given a surprise that made him quite emotional.

For the 60 years that he worked at IRS he would take the same bus every morning and evening, on his last day the bus trip was like no other he had experience before. The married father of six will remember that day for the rest of his life!

“I had no expectation of that either, none whatsoever. The whole thing is just rolling over me,” he said emotionally in the Humankind video. “I’m a soft guy. I can’t take a lot of that. It’s great but, you know, it hits me pretty deep.”

See the video below and tell us, has your family ever done anything like this for you?

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