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No matter how clean your bathroom is, it can always get mould.

Here’s how to remove it without nasty chemicals… and in one go!

To get rid of stains or mould in your grout simply get some cotton coil, or if you can’t find it, you can use cotton balls.

1. In a bowl, soak the cotton coil in bleach.

2. After the cotton is saturated with bleach take it out and place it along the grout with stains.

3. Use a cotton tip to push the cotton into the mould.

4. Let it sit overnight and in the morning you can take an old toothbrush to scrub away any remaining stains!

5. Rinse and admire your results!

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  1. I actually take this one step further. I fill a spray with a 25% solution of liquid chlorine and spray it on the tiles when they are dry, leaving it to soak in as long as possible, but be aware that chlorine fumes can cause respiratory problems.

  2. Be careful using chlorine bleach or any bleach really if you use it neat. Might look great for a couple of years but it will eat at the surface of tiles and they’ll lose that glossy coating. Same with paint it will slowly eat away and the paint starts falling off.

  3. All I use is white vinegar and I never have any mould problems. Gets rid of soap scum brilliantly too…….try it!!

  4. Bleach is a pretty nasty chemical, especially for those of us on septic tanks – it is a complete no-no!

  5. Bleach does not kill mould, it just turns it white so you can’t see it!! You need to use oil of cloves to get rid of mould. Anything else is just a short term measure.

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