Nudity on the shelf of the supermarket

It seems that times are so tough for magazines that they have to resort to pure nudity to drive purchasing

It seems that times are so tough for magazines that they have to resort to pure nudity to drive purchasing through sensationalism.  But it has backfired for Harpers Bazaar which has been pulled from the shelves of Coles Supermarkets this week.  The cover features Miranda Kerr butt naked in nude high heels with the cover tagline “Miranda Kerr: What lies beneath?” has been completely removed from shelves creating a lot of discussion.  Is it right for magazine brands like Harpers Bazaar to put nudity in the public eye?  Is it right for Coles to sensor top magazine brands from sale? Is the cover offensive?

Harpers Bazaar_fullThe January/February edition of Harpers Bazaar, produced by Bauer, the makers of Womens’ Weekly and Womens Day have defended their cover image.

A Coles spokesperson shared the stores’ stance with Fairfax: “In response to feedback from our customers, many of whom shop with their children, we removed the magazine from sale earlier this week.”

The Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar Kellie Hush defended the use of the image on the cover.   “As Gloria Steinem says: ‘The human body is not obscene.'”

“I was really disappointed to hear Coles made the decision to pull the Miranda Kerr issue off shelves,” Ms Hush said in a statement to the media.

“The cover is a beautiful artistic image taken by one of Australia’s best photographers Steven Chee and I stand by that.”

Do you think the cover is appropriate for mainstream sale in supermarkets?

Share your thoughts today. 

  1. David James

    It would not bother me but they might have have a lot of teenage boy’s hanging around the magazine rack 🙂

    • Kerry Harper

      Not too many teenage boy would need to hang around a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady showing nothing that you can’t see at any beach. Teenage boys are on the internet seeing anything they like…

  2. Libbi Elliot

    Personally I could not care less and would not even glance at it as it would have no interest for me, we see more than that on our tv screens today

  3. Trish Daley

    Well actually I don’t see what all the hoo ha is about, you actually see more on the beach these days than that and I’m sure kids have seen more in their own homes.

  4. Robert Hind

    “butt naked in nude high heels” – language to laugh at !

  5. Ray Price

    Not much different than wearing a blouse unbuttoned down to the naval with all exposed . “Do gooders ” get a life .

  6. Terry Wright

    Just glad I am not her Mum or Dad how embarressing for them.

  7. Ina Egan

    I thought Harper’s was about beautiful clothing . Photo doesn’t worry me but I would more likely buy it if she was in a stunning outfit. Looks more like a ‘men’s ‘ magazine.

  8. Sarina Di Stasi

    Magazines don’t need nudes on their covers to make people buy them ,all,they need is to make them cheaper.

  9. Leanna Stephenson

    Humans are strange creatures, we are born naked, clothing is a made made invention, yet some seem to be shocked when we are seen as natured intended..naked.. it is a big to do about nothing

  10. Jennifer Anderson

    put some clothes on please really. who needs it… especially when in the supermarket..

    • Owen Gustafson

      One day last week there was a shopping in Woolworths in Cleveland wearing only a bikini, looked so out of place.

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