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It seems like every decade a toy is created that launches a buying craze, but when we were children, it felt like there we so many to choose from…and some have stood the test of time! So without further adieu, here are some of the best toy fads from your childhood. We bet you have at least one of these still stored away in your closet!

1. Play-doh


2. Hula hoops

hula hoop

3. Slinky


4. Mr. Potato head

Mr. Potato head

5. Barbie


6. Chatty Cathy

Chatty Cathy

7. Betsy Wetsy


8. Easy bake ovens

easy bake ovens

9. Pick up sticks

pick up sticks

10. Tiny tear dolls

tiny tear dolls

11. Magic etch a sketch

Magic etch a sketch

12. View master

view master

13.  Metal jacks

metal jacks

14. Push spin top

Push spin top

15. Paper dolls

paper dolls


16. Sea-monkeys


Do you remember playing with any of these toys? Share with us below.

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  1. No Play dough in the 40s; we had Plasticine or flour and water dough: no Chatty Cathy or the Widdling one, pick up sticks were called ‘fiddlesticks’: Barbie arrived much later, along with the Hula Hoop craze ; we did have plain bamboo hoops and spinning tops. Home made kites were popular, as were fishing lines and tadpole nets made from discarded mosquito nets. We loved crayons and I though I was made when I received my own set of coloured pencils.

  2. Loved my paper dolls and all her clothes, I had a bride doll my Nana made her undies,dress and vail. She also made match boxes covered in satin a tiny pillow for a wee doll to sleep in she made hundreds for our school fetes. Jacks, snakes and ladders, checkers, hookie, swap cards, quoits.

  3. Some of these I have never seen. The Historic Village in HErberton has the most amazing collection of toys of the past. easily the best Historical museum I have ever seen.

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