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Our school days were some of the best years of our lives. We’d learn, we’d laugh, we’d cry – it was all good in the end. We didn’t want to be there at the time but now we look back, we wish we appreciated it that little bit more.

Either that or we wish we could travel back in time!

Tonight let’s reminisce about school days….


Do you remember swinging around with your friends? Playing and twirling around…

playing game

Image source: Museum Victoria


Drinking milk from bottles…



Image source: The New Zealand Journal


Playing with hula hoops (and never quite mastering it!)


Image source: Herald Sun


Going on school excursions and writing things down on slates! We didn’t have fancy computers.


Image source: Australian Museum

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 2.51.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.00.05 PM


Feature Image source: Chermside District



What else do you remember from your primary school days?

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  1. I remember the double desks with ink wells. Right from the start we learnt to write cursive, between two parallel lines to keep it neat. We learnt to hold the writing implement correctly. (I still do, though a little more erectly using a ball-point). We had P.E at assembly before marching to our class. We learnt folk dancing to the tune from an old gramophone. We didn’t have free milk or go on excursions (being a country school) We played skipping, hopscotch, “Farmer in the dell”, “Oranges and Lemons”, “Prisoners Base”, “May I” and “Simon Says” etc. or Marbles and Knucklebones. On sports day we went swimming in summer, but otherwise played Netball, tennis, Vigaro and maybe (can’t remember)

  2. Oh those pics bring back happy memories.those little hats were what we wore in my high school years. I loved all the social part of school,we always managed to have fun because we had great imaginations,and every game began with ” let’s pretend” then everyone would add their bit and we be away to another world! Wish it was as easy as that now!

  3. I remember the sound of the teacher opening her book of music, and being in awe that she could read it and just play the tunes. We sat on the floor around the piano-this was my first year in school.

  4. Unfortunately my memories of school are not the best, my brother and I started school together and our teacher was very abusive both verbally towards us and physically towards my brother. She used to man handle my brother and grab his ears and twist it and really hurt him and shove him to the ground. I was a very bright student but it effected my brother and he is now illiterate. I remember I ran away from school as she was very mean to me. Only for this teacher our other memories were good and I do remember a lot of good things we did. In general our other teachers were very caring towards all other students and we enjoyed school.

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    • well we had some good memories Susie in High school, ones I will always treasure..I am sorry about your early years, in those days some Teachers were cruel. But you should smile about Mrs Walters, we were sent so much out of class, we should have topped the out of mrs Walters Class list and we weren’t alone 🙂

    • Yes Libbi I have good memories of High school and I will always treasure them as well. Yes I do smile when I think back and when we were out of class, love to have some pics of hose days.

    • me 2 Susie, I can remember us with laddered stockings and putting nail polish on them to stop the runs, and hitching our tunics up and the hat was always skewif, they fun and innocent times xoxox

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