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The drive-in was a perfect date location with the parking for a little necking already provided. Steamy windshields were evident in all directions! Many of us got our love for the drive-in from the good times as a teenager. Of course many girls’ parents forbid their daughters to go on dates at the drive-in to protect them from young men, but that didn’t stop them…

Tonight for Saturday night nostalgia, we want to share your memories of the movies and the drive in!

Miles of cars – you had to arrive early!


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Staff at Burwood Cinema – opened in 1954 and closed in 1983

staff photo

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Field sign in Blacktown

field sign

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Arial shot


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It looks so bare hours before the first movie starts…


An advert for Sydney Skyline Drive-ins that once existed in January 1978. Blacktown is still operating!



The Sundown Drive-in Cinema, Canberra, 1970

drive in canberra

Image source: National Archives of Australia


That’s a big field!




North Ryde Drive-In Cinema, 1965


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Movie speakers – do you remember accidentally driving away with one still in your car?





The projector room where it all happens

projection room


Dinner at the drive-in movie theatre, 1952… where a tray with room to spare fit in, in the driver’s seat.

dinner at drive in

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What movies do you remember seeing at the drive-in? Did you take a boy or girl you were seeing along?

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  1. Oh come on. Who went to a drive-in to watch the movie? P.s. It can be done in a V W Beetle.

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    • My boyfriend, later husband, were having a good smooch ( only that!) at the drive in. He had an old Ford Twin Spinner with a dodgy passenger door, & at one point, the door swung open, the light came on & I nearly fell out! I was totally mortified & my back combed, bouffant hair style was a mess!

    • My V W Beetle has an interior release for the fuel cap door. Everyone knew I’d had a good night at the movies if, as I left, my fuel flap was open.

  2. I remember all the old Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns and my husband and I saw the first 2 Indiana Jones movies at the drive in. They should bring them back, great fun.

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