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During the week, we asked the community what everyones’ first ever records were.

It was a wonderful discussion as we all reminisced and remembered the favourites from the 50s and 60s. So we thought that since you all enjoyed sharing your memories so much, we’d bring some of those songs to you!

Here are some of the common first records that you had… Listen to them below and tell us what your memories are of listening to them. Did you parents approve? Did you listen to them with your friends or siblings?

Shout, Johnny O’Keffe


Crying in the Chapel, Elvis


Good Vibrations, Beach Boys


Please Me Please Me, The Beatles


Crimson and Clover, Tommy Jones and the Schondells


Little Richard, Jenny Jenny


Cathy’s Clown, The Everley Brothers


I Wanna Hold Your Hand, The Beatles

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  1. First one I bought was Classical Gas by Mason Williams … and years later found Classical Gas on a Tommy Emanuel CD which I still enjoy from time to time!

  2. First record I ever bought was The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde by Georgie Fame. One day that record disappeared and was never seen again. No one ever owned up to breaking it/hiding it, so it remains a mystery to this day what happened to it.

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    • My sister & I had a deal one bought Bill Haley, the other, Elvis. Mine would have been Heartbreak Hotel I think.
      I’ve been a life long fan of the BeeGees. I’m not a musician, but their harmony was incredible. Later they just became legends.

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