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I was looking through a box of old books and came across a recipe book that belonged to my mother. The book is titled Household Cookery and was compiled by the Emily McPherson College of Domestic Economy. This college no longer exists but the building is now part of RMIT in Melbourne. Anyway it is full of recipes and interesting info relating to basic cooking principles. I think the book from the early 1950s. A stand out recipe is…

Boiled Sheeps Head

1. Remove all soft bone.

2. Wash and soak in salted water for ten minutes.

3.Remove brain.

4. Blanch head and scrape teeth well.

5. Put into boiling water and simmer gently until tender – about two hours.

6. Add root vegetables three-quarters of an hour before serving and brain tied in muslin about twenty minutes before serving.


We did eat some weird stuff when we were kids but Mum assures me she never fed us this one.

sheeps head starts at sixty

image:  AnneCN

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I live in Bairnsdale in the Victorian East Gippsland region. I have been married to Mira for thirty-eight years. We both recently turned sixty and still work. I am employed at a school camp and holiday resort doing gardening and general maintenance. Mira is a Diversional Therapist at one of our local Age care facilities. My hobbies include: Photography, writing, gardening, collecting die-cast model cars and kayaking. Mira is into gardening, antiques, crafts etc. Whenever work and other commitments allow we travel. Sometimes great distances, sometimes not so far and sometimes just around the corner.

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