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The memories of Easters in previous decades will all come rushing back when you take a look at the pictures of Easter eggs from the seventies below and watch this 1987 Cadbury Egg commercial.


We hunted around the Internet to find pictures of Easter eggs in years gone by.  The best source of these was an archive put together by Rowntree, sharing several pictures of their eggs in the 1970s.

quality street

rowntree 1


tootie frooties

See if you remember any of them!


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  1. In the late forties/ early fifties we got hard lolly eggs elaborately decorated

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    • My MIL used to make and sell them. I was fascinated to watch her ice them. Some people have the icing gene, but not me.

  2. The Easter bunny brought us all one Easter Egg…. Lolly ones of course. our children only hot one each too. I am absolutely shocked by the amount of eggs children get these days. Was out of control.

  3. The eggs were very beautiful…….I used to keep mine for days just to admire them. My own kids got one chocolate egg each. Easter Bunny wasn’t yet invented !

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