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The disco heyday began in the early 1970s as a gay underground movement in New York nightclubs such as the Loft or 12 West. It wasn’t until Saturday Night Fever came out in 1977, which capitulated the undercover subculture into a mainstream fad. The disco revolution was born with flashing strobe lights, swirling sweaty bodies and high-energy rhythm.


The Baby Boomers were at the core of the movement. How many times have you listened and danced to the Saturday night fever soundtrack? The Bee Gees definitely helped spread the disco craze around the world.


Unlike the dance clubs of previous decades, disco dance clubs attracted people of mixed racial and sexual orientations. People of colour and whites, gays and heterosexuals were all welcome and flocked to the discos. The fashion was fun and flamboyant; boob-tubes, platform shoes, flared trousers, glitter and crazy patterns were the norm. 70s disco dancers may have been criticised at the time for their pursuit of superficial pleasures, but it was also a time of tolerance, more so than would be seen in the subsequent decades.


The whole disco scene and look was gradually replaced by punk rock anti-fashion in the 80s, however, disco will always be a little piece of anyone who steps into a nightclub today to dance the night away.



Which song was your favourite? Have a listen to some of the best tracks below.


“Don’t leave me this way” by Thelma Houston


“I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor


“You make me feel mighty real” by Sylvester


“Disco Inferno” by The Trammps


Last but not least...”Staying alive” by the Bee Gee from Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta


Tell us, what are some of your favourite disco memories? What is your favourite song from this decade? Do you have any photos of you at the disco? We’d love to see them!

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  1. Really takes me back to a great time lots of fun and got better when the black lights came in when no one realised what we could see

  2. You cant beat those days there’s too many songs to choose from but I do love september (Earth wind and fire)
    And the bus stop

  3. Knowing the doorman and walking past everyone waiting in the line. The music, the dancing, pure hedonistic fun…..would not have missed it for the world….

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