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If you have ever attempted to make a dish that can get a bit messy but is too complicated to know off by heart, you may have turned to a trusted cookbook; perhaps it is frayed and well loved or new and glossy. It can be very hard to keep the book out of harms way especially cooking something like spaghetti bolognese where sauce usually ends up on everything. If you are sick of smearing sauce or other food on your cookbooks and recipe cards this tip is for you!

Simply get an old coat hanger and use the clips at either end to keep the book open on the page you desire and then hang it from a cabinet knob that is eye- level.


How do you avoid the mess? Share your best tips!

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  1. Good idea but to late for my books well splattered with my cooking exploits over the years.

  2. Trouser or skirt hanger yes – but there is no way that is a coat hanger πŸ™‚

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  3. I have many stained recipe pages, but nowadays I work at one bench, and have the recipe on a different one, or on the table. Easy to refer to, but away from the mess

  4. I love my well used splattered cook books. But of late Ive hand written my favourite recipes including my Mums and my Mother in laws so it’s all in one book. It’s has splotches too.

  5. clever idea—like the acrylic book holders of the 80s—used one of them for awhile but now just put the book on the bench—-some have splatters, others don’t!!! πŸ™‚

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