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Cleaning ceiling fans is one of the most annoying household tasks – they’re hard to get to, spin out of reach at the slightest touch, and the dust goes everywhere as soon as you try to wipe them down. We’ve found a fuss-free, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that solution to this age old issue.

The secret weapon? A pillowcase!

Simply place a pillowcase over a fan blade and then slide it off, holding the blade to wipe it down. Not only will you clean the dust from the fan, but the fluff will remain inside the pillowcase. Once you have cleaned all of the blades, take the pillowcase outside and turn inside out, shaking the dust out or into a bin! When your fans are squeaky clean, throw the pillowcase into the wash and you’re done!

Friendly reminder!

Don’t forget to switch your fan to its ‘summer’ setting, from the ‘winter’ one! This handy little switch changes the direction of blade rotation.

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  1. Buy fan stockings
    From Big W are the easiest:)

    3 REPLY
    • Yes I agree, I have fan stockings on all my 5 ceiling fans. I just peel them off so they are turned inside out and the fluff is on the inside, take them outside for a shake then into the washing machine. Had these ones for years.

  2. It won’t clean the kitchen fan, that’s usually a bit greasy, orange spray from Aldi on a microfibre cloth does the trick.

    1 REPLY
    • I agree Jane however we don’t have Aldi up here in Darwin. I have tried all the regular other brands and find nothing gets the grease off easily while trying to balance on a step ladder to reach them as well. Not an easy job

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