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There’s nothing as exciting as heading off on a holiday. Putting the bags and suitcases in the car boot, shutting the front door and starting the ignition before heading to the beach, bush or airport. But, there’s one thing that dampens your happiness…

The look on your furry friend’s face as you drive off from the kennel or pet-sitters house. Those big eyes starting at you sadly and that ever so still tail.

At Starts at Sixty, we love our pets. We all have beautiful dogs; Sully, Chips and Rugby and there’s even a cat called Bosley. We hate leaving our beautiful animals when we go away and we imagine you do to.

So, to help us avoid this problem of separation anxiety, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to find pet friendly accommodation wherever you go!

Holidaying with Dogs is a website that has listings of all dog friendly places through Australia. They even have a book available for just $24.95 with even more listings. On the website, you will also find a whole range of great information on holidaying with pets, from taking your pets on a plane to keeping your pet healthy while you’re away, it is a fantastic resource.

Bring Fido is a similar concept to Holidaying with Dogs, only it is international. It covers locations all over the world and they even have a hotline if you’d like to speak to a pet friendly travel expert. Included on this site are pet friendly event listings, pet friendly restaurants and pet friendly parks and attractions for each major city.

The RACV (Royal Automobile Club of Victoria) also has a pet friendly accommodation and destination listing on their website. It’s easy to navigate and they have a great range of Australian pet friendly locations.

Popular travel website, Take a Break, also has an option to search only for pet friendly locations. This makes it easy to find the right kind of accommodation.

Many regional tourism websites also have their own pet friendly accommodation listings. A few include:


So, with all of these great resources, you shouldn’t ever have a sad holiday departure again!

Have you taken your pet with you on a holiday before? Where did you go? Did you enjoy the trip? 

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  1. We recently took our two old dogs on a trip down to Yarram in Gippsland to a fantastic place called Best Friends Retreat where they really cater for dogs. All the cabins are fenced and do are the caravan sites. Our dogs were allowed to sleep inside with us, like they do at home. We really enjoyed our stay and would recommend it.

  2. Another suggestion which is what I do is have a house sitter. I can recommend Aussie Housesitters. It is FREE. You can check out the Housesitters some have police checks and I check their references. One tip I go for the mature aged sitters they are more responsible. They will carry out all the chores like walking your dog or taking them to the dog park, gardening and mowing the lawns if required. My house has always been spotless on my return and one 60+ lady I have used three times and my dog loves her

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    • I do the same. Putting dogs in a kennel can be like putting them in gaol. Much better to have them minded in their own home. Wherever possible have the sitter meet with you and your pet/s before you strike an agreement though

  3. If you live in Melbourne the best accommodation you could ever find for your pet is Mornington Lodge. Everything is spotless. The pets have plenty if exercise and stay in amazing miniature rooms and eat gourmet meals. Our little dog lives it there. We looked at a number of places but none even came close to Mornington Lodge.

  4. On one of my return trips North, from Canberra one year, I found a wonderful place at Kempsy, dog friendly, fenced yard, dogs could sleep in the room with me I loved it. Some places say dog friendly then tell you the dogs can’t go into the room.

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    • It was quite some time ago, but I think I googled travelling with pets and came across it. It was a place where travellers with horses could also stay. A really great place which left me wondering if maybe doing something similar would be a good idea. Need these places. The motel in Rockhampton stated pet friendly, but then wouldn’t allow my two small dogs in the room.

  5. We take our dogs with us on holiday they’re our family. We caravan it. I really miss my dog while I’m in hospital and she isn’t allowed in.

  6. We take our 2 dogs with us in our caravan when we travel most times. There are plenty of pet friendly caravan parks, & we love free camping. We left them at home with house sitters from Aussie house sitters last year, when we were away for 6 1/2 months as there were too many national parks. Some C/P’s even have dog minding services if you want to go into national parks.

  7. Thanks for that info Bronwyn Lott.we are heading off end of Feb to do the Big Lap and taking our dog with us, so any tips and advice on places to stay would be grateful.

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    • Pick up caravan guide for each state, they tell if the parks are dog friendly, also the caravaners bible available at paper shops have lots of free camping sites and cheaper van parks, it’s about$60 and well worth it.

  8. Be careful to check the details on”pet friendly” accomm.Some places say dogs are not allowed in the house.That is not “pet friendly”

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    • And one place i checked out, wanted me to pay an extra $ 120.- for my dog, and he would not even be allowed inside. That is not dogfriendly or peoplefriendly for that matter. The place already cost an arm and a leg.

    • Yes Britt,I just get mad with these people.I don’t mind paying a small fee of maybe $5 per dog but when you think how much damage can be done by unruly teenagers and young children I would much rather a dog owner was in my property! I just will not go to those places with ridiculous restrictions.

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