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In 2012 I decided that I would buy a brand new car – I’d never had one before and I was sick of driving around my beaten Holden Barina. I walked straight into the dealership with my husband and bought a Honda off the floor. I was in love with it and couldn’t wait to drive it around to my daughters’ houses or to that far away shopping complex or to a spur of the moment getaway down south!

Fast forward to 2014 and I have driven my car only a handful of times. Living in a retirement complex means that I get transport to the shops plus I’m close to a bus stop if I ever want to go any further. My predicament is that I love my car and want to keep it, but I don’t want to lose my sense of independence. That car represents more to me than just a mode of transport, it feels like my last piece of true freedom. Like I could get away at a moment’s notice. I resent the fact I have to let it sit in the garage collecting dust and I’ve thought about giving it to my granddaughter more than a handful of times but is it so selfish to just want to have it there in case?

The on-site nurses can come to my aide within minutes but somehow I have convinced myself that the car would be my perfect way of getting to the hospital if my husband or I were seriously ill! I make these excuses but I’m sure I’m not alone. As I’ve gotten older I’ve needed to know I’m not going insane and even just knowing there’s a car there ready to go (after a jump start) if I want to make a run for it is comforting.

So there you have it – I’m admitting to all of you that I love my car and don’t want to sell it. I guess I want to know how you can comfort yourself when you don’t have one but do want to go out on your own somewhere. I know there are rental cars but I like my little Honda. I guess you could say I’ve become attached to it despite our fleeting flings. I just don’t want to be 80 and cooped up in my room rotting away when I could be driving around happily. I think as I get older I value that independence I took for granted for so many years. Cars are a luxury but don’t I deserve that?


What should I do? Are you in the same situation? Share what you did below.

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  1. Keep the car! I don’t understand though why you don’t drive it more often. You will lose confidence to drive if you don’t keep getting out there.

  2. If it means so much to you, and it is your ‘security blanket’ then do not give it up for anyone. This is your life… you are master of your destiny. All else is meaningless

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    • 12 years ago my husband retired and after a few months we decided to give my car to my Grandson as anything we were doing was pretty much together getting groceries dining out visiting friends etc so I gradually stopped driving altogether. Things were fine until my husband had a stroke and a year later he passed away I had just turned eighty and had to do a mandatory drivers test I live in Canada. By then it had been so long a few years by now I had lost my nerve.So since July 2014 I am totally dependant on my daughter or friends for anywhere I need to go. I urge anyone to keep your independence as long as you are able. This has been one of my biggest regrets.

  3. I love my car and could not imagine life without it. I use it at the moment maybe twice a fortnight. Usually pension week when I have a little bit of money.

  4. If it is a second car I really don’t understand at all. Since retirement we only have one car which I drive when I want to!!!

  5. When I moved to Albury in 2005 I gave my old car to my daughter and we bought a very nice BMW and became a one care family. Fast forward to 2012, hubby became a councilor with Albury City, I was heavily involved in bowls at club and district level. We had my sisters car for a few months and then she needed it back. I lasted a week, did a huge dummy spit about not checking my diary and bought a little Mitsubishi Mirage. That was the end of March this year. June 2014 I was diagnosed with wet macular disease. The prospect of losing my independence aka not being able to drive and being dependent shook me. My thoughts keep the car

  6. I think you’ve answered your own question. If it makes you happy, and you don’t need the money what’s the harm. Life’s to short not to do things that make you feel good.

  7. I love my car too and dread the day when (financially) we have to cut back to one vehicle. I know it would be my Honda that would go, because we need the 4×4 as a tow vehicle for our little old caravan. Hold on as long as you can, but do drive often too.

  8. Who cares if you drive it or not. If it makes you feel good to have it there, keep it. But why no every now and again drive to your daughters in it. Just to keep up your driving skills.

  9. Giving up our independence on anything is very hard . I’m moving into unit and wow it’s mighty hard . Good luck to all .

  10. Drive for as long as you feel you are driving safely. Only give up when you know your reflexes are not quick enough to respond. It is hard to lose that independence.

  11. Relax it’s your car, it’s your inderpendance enjoy it. Please drive it more often widen your circle of trip’s, there will come a day when you will need to stop, so for now have fun in it , be safe and drive for an hour then go home it’s fun.

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