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Each year when the clock strikes midnight, we stand up and smile. We may be surrounded by family and friends, we may be alone or we may be quietly sitting at home with loved ones. But it is almost always a moment that we mark with something, a kiss, a hug, a smile, a promise. It’s the last one I want to talk about today. The promises we so often make when the clock hits 12.

We make New Years resolutions as a promise to be better – a public statement to change something. We choose things like “to eat healthier”, “to drink less”, “to exercise more”, “to finally retire” and the likes. Just small changes of self improvement that make a difference to who we are.

Now I have no problem, with wanting to be better, healthier and happier. I have a problem with our motives. Why do our resolutions never stick? Because we we make them out of necessity. “What is your New Years resolution?” is a sentence all too common in conversation on the 31st. We don’t ask “What is your resolution” every month and we certainly don’t do it every day, so when it comes time to declare our promise, we aren’t saying it from the heart and we’re saying it because it is the right thing to do.

The other issue with the New Years resolution is that we make them about our own self improvement – this is totally fine. It is a great thing to do. But what about the big picture? Why don’t we make our New Years resolutions for the greater good of the world? Why don’t we make promises about volunteering our time somewhere or giving time to a not for profit?

And then there is the big one that gets me more than anything. If everyone made a conceited effort to change this about themselves, the world would be a much happier, brighter and optimistic place. Our attitude. If everyone decided that every day they were going to take one positive and good thing that happened and write it down, then we’d face one massive attitude shift. In a world where our media reports on the bad, where there is a new tragedy unfolding around the globe every week, we need to look for the brighter things.

So I believe that the traditional New Years resolution needs to go. I think that we can together, create a happier, more positive and more uplifting world by making the promise at midnight to ourselves for the right reasons, about the right things.

And the recipe for the anti New Years Resolution is simple…

1. Make it for the right reasons. Not because you have to make a promise at midnight. But because you truly in your heart want the world to change.

2. Make it for the social good of the world – not just yourself. By doing something to contribute to others, you will be growing inside, as a person yourself.

3. Make a change to the part of the world that needs it most – our attitudes. Make a promise to be positive and live a life without negativity.

I believe that our New Years resolutions shouldn’t be trivial, they should be meaningful. So today I’m sharing mine with you.

My anti New Years resolution is to smile more, coordinate a community garden project in my neighbourhood and to write down something good every single day, bottle them in a jar and read them with a smile on my face and renewed positivity at the end of 2015. I believe that these promises won’t make me thin, they won’t make me enjoy a glass of wine less, but they will make me a better person and a better contributor to this world, and that is what it needs.

So today I ask you, what is your anti New Years resolution? What are the promises you make tonight going to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Why bother? A waste of time and effort writing them down when you know that by the time you get to the end of the page the ‘I won’t sware’ one will be broken.

  2. To do less volunteering – I know that sounds bad, but my focus has shifted in the past few years. Originally I wanted to do more art, then took on quite a few volunteering jobs (so many that I ended up with only one day of the week free to get things done around the house) and haven’t painted for 8 months. So my resolution is to get back on track with what I originally intended doing on retirement.

  3. New Year, New Year!!
    So what’s on your resolution list?
    No, please tell me, I insist!
    I sense the sincerity in your heart
    About the fitness regime you’re about to start.
    This is not a look of scepticism
    Because I really admire your optimism.
    Nothing is going to stand in your way
    As you follow it religiously, day by day.
    You’re going to have such healthy lunches
    And do your daily lunges and crunches.
    Do go on, I am enthralled
    And you’re not boring me at all.
    I can imagine how fabulous you will feel
    As you flex those “buns of steel”
    And you’ll do those sit-ups every morning
    I can see that six pack already forming.
    Your physique will stand out from the crowd
    You’ll make Commando very proud.
    Thank you for all this information
    I can’t wait for the transformation.
    I will indeed get a great surprise
    No, you didn’t see me roll my eyes.
    Now just turn over and go back to sleep
    These promises you’ll be unable to keep.
    Remember the truest words ever spoken
    ” Resolutions are made to be broken.”
    So this unrealistic desire is quite bizarre
    Because we like you the way you are!
    But, if in Lycra you’re determined to cavort,
    You can always rely on my support!
    I’ll be on the sidelines cheering
    I find your self delusion most endearing.

    I hope you all have the best New Year
    ( This time I’m being quite sincere! )
    Without going to such extremes
    But don’t give up on all your dreams.

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