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Parental leave is a great thing for parents, but for some of grandparents who take time off work to care for their grandchildren, it feels like a kick in the gut to lose out on crucial wages.

Now, the UK government has made an unprecedented move and will allow working grandparents to take time off and share parental leave pay to help care for their grandchildren.


The plan would extend the current system, which allows parents to share leave and statutory parental pay, reports BBC.

Chancellor George Osborne announced it at the Conservative conference in Manchester overnight, meaning families will be allowed to split statutory shared parental pay – which is around $300 AUD a week or 90% of average weekly earnings, whichever is lower.

The Conservatives believe the policy will particularly benefit single mothers who can have support from grandparents and give them something back, plus help them get back to work sooner.

More than half of mothers rely on grandparents for childcare when they first return to work after having a baby.

Currently, Human Services offers grandparents with primary care of their grandchild, extra help with child care fees through the Grandparent Child Care Benefit, however it doesn’t assist grandparents who are still working who need to take time off to care for their grandchildren.

So we want to know today, is it about time grandparents received a payment like the UK?


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  1. We’re going to need it in this ‘lucky’ country…….the retirement age keeps going UP…..for women performing everyday miracles with house husband kids n grandkids plus earning to just basically EAT…..bloody hell……..

  2. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY, that also includes PAID PARENTAL LEAVE, Where the hell do you think the money is coming from? Let me guess, rob Peter to Pay Paul as usual.

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    • where are all these people who were still abusing me on that muslim post up till a few hours ago? Guess normal normal things are not as appealing as racist rants to them 🙂

    • Actually Libbi they are Trolls and just enjoy hating people, I won’t let them take cheap shots at me just because they can, so I blocked them they will have to find someone else to target.

  3. I saved up my long service leave so I could help when my grandchild was born. I feel for those who don’t have permanent work and thus no paid leave.

  4. I am not in favour of this. When my children were born my husband saved up his holidays as soon as we started trying for a baby. By the time our first was born he had 6 weeks saved up and it was lovely having him home for the first 6 weeks to help with the baby. He did the same with our second baby only this time he only had 4 weeks. Still lovely having him home. People need to plan their lives and stop expecting government handouts to compensate them for the decisions they make in their lives. I worked for 7 years before we had our babies and in that time we lived on my salary and all of my husbands salary went to pay off our mortgage. We paid our 25 year mortgage off in 7 years and then thought about children so I could be a stay at home mum and not expect my parents to help raise my children. Grandparents should not be expected to help raise grandchildren. If they want to and have the time fair enough. But it should not be expected. I feel that this proposal is putting pressure on grandparents because their kids can now say well why not. As I said not in favour. I raised my children and I did not expect my parents to help me except for the occasional babysitting if we wanted a night out.

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  5. What ever happened to parents having children and paying for them themselves? Time young people took responsibility for their own offspring and grandparents have a choice, they can always say no. For most grandparents minding the grandchildren is a love job

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  6. If you can’t look after your kids don’t av them we never got any help we stayed home to look after them I could not bear anyone to bring up my baby’s I went to work when they were all at school love beening home with them

  7. I don’t agree with this at all. I did work but had no family near me. I paid to have my children looked after. I went back to work when all my children were in school. There was no government handouts in those days.

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