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I have been using computers since 1997 when the company I was working for began to put them in our offices, so you could say I am a confident computer and internet user. But all that went out the window when I started to use an online dating website. For the first time, I felt out of my depth with the technology and was accidentally ‘liking’ profiles left, right and centre.

After palming off a few gentlemen, I started to weed out the ones I didn’t really like and get to the ones who were my cup of tea. I was surprised by how good looking and accomplished some of the men were on the dating website – my daughter had told me the only people who used them were desperate and dateless but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

I lost my husband in 1999 to bowel cancer and up until 2012, I hadn’t actually had the confidence to find someone else…I still felt very much affected by the loss of my childhood sweetheart and felt no one could compare. I eventually took a deep breath and got my daughter to set up my profile and take a photo of me, and it was really much better than I expected once the men were replying! I felt 15 again (the last time I was single!). I wished I had done it sooner but I’m glad I waited until I was ready and looking for love.

Since I signed up, I have been on around 20 dates with some truly wonderful men. I had a partner for 3 months but we realised that we wanted other things and are still great friends, and am still single but loving it! Flirting is now one of my favourite past times and while I do want a companion, I’m quite happy having dinner and drinks with fascinating people. I guess that is one of the perks of dating in your 60s – you can talk for hours about your life and you never get bored.

Sure, I’ve had some odd dates but they are all part of life’s journey and the spontaneity of it all. So if you’re single or widowed like me, and want to find someone just to chat to or even a life partner, I’d recommend online dating. People often ask, “Oh are you safe?” but the blessing of being older is that you have incredible intuition and will be able to tell from speaking to someone whether they are suspicious! I suggest speaking to someone online for at least a week before you meet. And meet in a public area during the day for your first meeting so that you can feel a bit safer. I’ve had great success and a lot of fun – amazing things can happen when you go outside your little bubble!


Have you used online dating? What did you think of it? Who have you met? Tell us your stories below.

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  1. I lost my husband of 33 years after nursing him for 2 years. I fell into a relationship with a man I knew (but not well) through a sporting club although he had since resigned. I now regret this but the thought of online dating scared me completely. If/when we break up I would definitely give it a go now.

  2. All good as long as you tie your assetts up first..

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    • lol I have found they are not as necessary as I used to think. Mine are giving life to another now.We were married for 4 years before I decided enough was enough.

  3. My husband and I met on internet dating – I enjoyed meeting some lovely people over three years before I met him and we decided to marry. There may be risks but there always are with new relationships. Just be sensible and follow advice in the article. Good luck all.

  4. That’s if you have any assets LOL…
    I met my man seven years ago after doing some internet dating…yes, met a couple of weirdos, but most of the men were really nice, good company, etc. As the writer said, follow your intuition, meet in a neutral place. Oh and this applies to the men too….they also meet some wierd women so I’m told!
    My man told me only yesterday that the day after he met me another woman he had been in touch with offered him a night he’d remember if he stopped seeing me!

  5. As I live in a small country town it is more difficult and my life is too busy for a partner now but you have encouraged me. Thanks.

  6. Sue is correct about risks involved with online dating but …. My mantra …”The greatest risk is not to take any risk at all”

  7. My husband died in 2003 after fighting his cancer for 3 years. In 2008 I gave online dating a go and met a wonderful man who I married and have felt like I am 20 again. Just take it slow and meet daytime for coffee till you feel that it is right for you.

  8. Best thing I ever did four years ago at 62,
    two years after my husband died. Met a lovely man and introduced me to a whole new world of adventure and new horizons.

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