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Happy Fathers’ Day says Tony Abbott as he promises $4.5 million to the Mens’ Shed Movement today to stop it coming to an end in a year’s time, celebrating the assistance that these facilities provide to men right across Australia.

The funding of the mens’ shed program was meant to run out in June 2016, when the grants were ending.  This new wave of funding allows them to continue until 2019 or longer.

“Men’s Sheds are an important part of many Australian communities. They keep men active, contributing to their mental health and physical wellbeing,” said the parliamentary announcement.

To provide certainty for the program, the Government will guarantee funding for a further three years.

“We’re pleased to be able to make this announcement on Father’s Day.   This will allow the Men’s Sheds grant rounds to continue to run for the next 3 years. These allow local men’s sheds to maintain their shed, buy new tools or start new projects. It’s a win for the sheds, the men who use them and the communities that benefit from them. Men’s Sheds reduce social isolation, particularly for older men and people living in rural and remote areas.  This funding reflects our commitment to promoting and supporting men’s health.

The grants are run for local mens’ sheds to enjoy companionship, purpose and facilities.  Applications for grants are assessed by the Australian Men’s Shed Association, in accordance with guidelines agreed by the Department of Health.  Each shed can apply for up to $8,000 per year.

“It’s a win for the sheds, the men who use them and the communities that benefit from them,” Mr Abbott said.

There are now 800 men’s sheds across the country, with more springing up all the time.

Do you know someone that goes to a local mens’ shed?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. At the same time our ‘minister for women’ cuts funding for women’s refuges. Sounds about right for Abbott.

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  2. I’m glad funding has been granted. I know we had a men’s day at the nursing home where I worked for 10 years, when the men could sand and glue things. I know these sheds are so much more complex and provide more challenges. My husband is paralyzed down one side and my brother would hardly know the working end of a hammer, but I commend the organizers for providing a place where men can meet and be productive .

  3. Sometimes a leader is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Sometimes people are quick to pick fault and never give any credit. I wonder if all that negativity blights their lives.

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    • get a life, people are entitled to their opinion, if you don’t like it, then don’t read it

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      • Libbi, Mary is entitled to state her opinion just as you and the rest of us do without having personal insults directed towards her. Maybe you should look to your own words! 😛

  4. I know a few men who go to men’s sheds, I think they are a good thing. I recently donated a heap of tools and stuff from my clean up after my late partners death, I hope they come to some use.

  5. I think mens sheds are a very good idea. Maybe they should start CMA or is there an equivalent to CWA. Men haven’t had it all their own way. The pub bar was a place for them to vent but then the women got in there. The mens clubs were sexist so that stopped. Feel a bit sorry for them today. Must be father days blues.

  6. I believe that I have considerable manual skills but have never seen joining a men only group as beneficial, I take the same view with women organizations, I’d much prefer to see men and women sharing skills and conversation. It’s amazing what we can learn from each other and break down the Mars and Venus myth. I know women that love to get their hands grubby working with wood, metal and electrics and in the same token there are men that love to cook, weave and knit. I’m over the segregation, if you hadn’t already realized.

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  7. Where do the women go to relax & work with other women after doing the laundry, cleaning, shopping & preparing the nights dinner, all at the Govts expense

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