Millions of pensioners are missing out on this discount – just when we need it

Fewer than half the people eligible for huge discounts on this service know about it and the company involved seems to be

Fewer than half the people eligible for huge discounts on this service know about it and the company involved seems to be in no hurry to let them know, according to advocacy groups.

Australia Post has been forced to significantly increase the cost of stamps in recent years, but offers discounts to 5.7 million concession card holders, including pensioners.

The trick is, customers must open a ‘MyPost Concession Account’ to access the discounts, but according to The New Daily, only half of all the people eligible have signed up.

Only two million accounts have been opened with AusPost since the concession scheme was introduced in March 2014.

According to the news website, that equates to $74 million of discounts we’re missing out on. And it will only get worse, seeing as the cost of stamps is set to rise to $1 next year.

If you have a My Post Concession account, you can get five free stamps and a 40 cent discount on the new $1 standard postal rate for 50 stamps each year.

Ian Yates, the chief executive of COTA Australia, has called on Australia Post to advertise the discounts more widely.

“A concession is not real if people don’t know about it,” he said.

“We would like to see Australia Post advertise the discounts for pensioners prominently in all post offices and in regular Centrelink publications.

“Australia Post is also well placed to do their own mail drop to all Australian households.”

These are the discounts you are missing out on:

  • Five free stamps when you open an account and then 50 stamps for 60 cents each.
  • Concessions on services such as mail holding and letter redirection.

Opening an account is simple – complete this form or visit your post office.

Did you know about this discount? Have you signed up? 

  1. Val Rooks

    Have had my card all year, our Post Office had brochures in our post boxes.

  2. Jenna Stark

    We have had our cards for ages, only found out through a friend, so now we tell everyone

  3. Anne Mitchell

    No, I didn’t know about this, but another question springs to mind. Why should pensioners again have to navigate the internet to register, then probably have to carry another card around? I haven’t accessed the site, but you can bet there will be a password to remember and/or a card . One wonders why an eligible cannot just use their pension card.

    • Ruth Hourigan

      You don’t have to navigate the internet. You can just pick up a form from the PO and fill it in. Show your pension card when you lodge it and your in. You are then provided with a card which you simply show at the PO everytime you buy the stamps. Plus, the internet has been around now for over 20 years. It’s a part of life.

    • Anne Mitchell

      Ruth Hourigan I have no problem with the internet. My point was and is, pensioners/eligible people already have a card which proves their status. Why should they then have to fill in a form which requires their pension card for validation and be issued with another card! why is their pension card not adequate? I don’t know about you but my wallet has 18 card slots which are all full plus a little plastic folder which contains another 16 slots and is half full.

    • Anne Mitchell

      Vivienne Marjenberg You missed my point. I can fill out a form. I can navigate the internet. I don’t need another card to carry around.

    • Ruth Hourigan

      Anne Mitchell
      If you have 26 different cards that you carry around all the time, i can guarantee they are not all needed on a daily basis. It’s your choice to carry store loyalty cards or whatever they are. I know I carry a credit card, a debit card. Medibank, Ambulance, Licence and pension card. The other cards I keep in the glove box of the car and only take them into the shop if I am visiting it.

    • Anne Mitchell

      Ruth Hourigan Well I am glad it works for you. I tried that. My cards being in my glove box didn’t help when hubby and I were in his car. But I think you too miss my point. If you have, already in your possession a card that is needed to get a card to get the concession, why do you need a second card? I don’t need a second card at the chemist or movies. The pension card is adequate. Why do we need a different card to get the stamps?.

    • Maureen Chappell

      I just registered at local post office. Yes there is a card. But really easy to obtain. But I get Anne Mitchell’s point about the second card. The card is only to register how many cheaper Stamps you buy as you only can have 55 a year.

    • Andrea Phipps

      Not worth the bother. Not to mention the probablity of a hackable database at Australia post.

    • Anne Mitchell

      Darrell Warrington Neither Darrell, if you are replying to me. I just think having to produce a seniors card to obtain another card which has to be shown to obtain a concession to buy stamps is ridiculous.

  4. Ruth Hourigan

    I’ve been getting these for a couple of years now. It was quite well advertised in our little local PO.

  5. Fran Spears

    I didn’t know till i heard it last week. Pity we dont get some sort of concession on parcels.😕

  6. Vicki Cooper

    April this year, holding mail $7.95 conscesion, today $20.95 same service????

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