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How many times have you thought back to your 20s and thought “those were the days”? According to surprising new research, it’s not as often as people think!

A survey of British over 60s found that most people were pretty happy with modern life and preferred it to the way things were when they were young adults.

Overall, close to 60 per cent of grandparents said that modern life had improved things, and that life wasn’t all Joan Baez and hippy wagons when they were in their 20s.

One major development that drew the most positive response was the internet. Nearly 80 per cent of those surveyed said being able to access media, shop and communicate with friends and family online had improved their lives.

A whopping 85 per cent believed modern cars were better than vintage vehicles for comfort and safety.

On the question of entertainment, half of respondents thought TV had improved drastically, along with radio. Some of the best things of the modern age were: email, digital cameras, Google, and cheap travel.

Three quarters of people believed better quality food gave their happiness and wellbeing a boost, and just over half said healthcare had improved.

But while most people agreed life was better overall, there are a few aspects of life that cannot be improved upon.

Half of the over 60s surveyed said they thought music had gone downhill, while a third believed today’s films had nothing on the movies of the “good old days”

The biggest complaint was a lack of manners, with a massive 85 per cent of people saying the concept of politeness and respect had declined since their youth and that this was a bad thing.

What do you think? Has the world gone to pot or are you happy to live in the 21st century? What do you love and hate about today’s world? 

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  1. D Don’t agree about respect declining, far too many believe just being Old demands respect, respect has to be earned at any age, and if you show good will and respect to those younger than you who are trying to help you, generally you get the same good will and respect back.

  2. I agree about politeness and respect. I think a lot of people these days have forgotten how to behave or perhaps they never knew.

  3. What I loved about the past was that children could play all day outside ( be home when the street lights come on)
    What I like about today Automatic cars,washing machines.TV and my I pad. Modern medicine.

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    • I really think that in lots of places children would still be safe playing outside. Most areas are no more dangerous than they ever were. It is our perception that has changed, terrible things can happen to children but they are wrapped in so much cotton wool they can’t experience the great outdoors or they live in an area where there is no great outdoors, tiny yards without play areas. Tree climbing, playing in creeks, riding bikes, catching the tram to the beach. Now you hear of outrage because kids walk to school themselves or catch the bus or go to the shop alone.

  4. Good manners have completely disappeared…just try to board a train in Sydney in peak hours!!!! Furthermore, people have lost their interpersonal skills, instead of interacting with another person they now interact with a machine.

  5. I always remember my mother telling me…don’t believe people who talk about the good old days, there was no such thing! Life was very very hard!

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    • Yes I remember the scythe in the shed that had been used to cut the grass until the wonderful push mower came along, later replaced with a motor mower. Now nobody would contemplate cutting the same area of grass without a ride on mower. In every facet of our lives the gadgets have made everything easier.

    • My mother lived through the Great Depression when having a roof over your head and putting food on the table were your priorities. No she would never call it the good old days. She taught me to appreciate how well we lived when our basic needs were met. I hope I have passed that wisdom on to my children!

  6. For me, there are a ‘few’ things that were better in my young days, but a ‘lot’ of things are better now.

  7. Everyday has the good and the not so good , it would be very hard to try to even compare so I just go with the flow and look forward to tomorrow

  8. The “good old days” always seemed better but we are probably looking at them through rose coloured glasses. I had some great times back then Not so much better but different. It is what we make of it.

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