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The power struggle between Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull has been playing out for three weeks, ever since Zaky Mallah appeared on Q&A. So did Mr Turnbull defy the Prime Minister?

Well, he did and he didn’t.

Mr Turnbull was in the ABC studios last night, but not at Q&A. Instead, the communications minister opted to appear on 7.30, interviewed by Leigh Sales.

When asked if he agreed with the boycott of Q&A, Mr Turnbull said, “Well, look, that’s the decision the Prime Minister has taken”.

“I mean, I’ve been on the record on this in the past. I take the view that wherever there is an open microphone I’m happy to get on the other side of it.

“But the Zaky Mallah incident was a shocking error of judgment. The ABC has acknowledged that. We know all the facts surrounding it. They’ve issued a warning under the industrial agreement to the executive producer and there have been other changes made as well.

“I think the board has responded and is responding, and when its response is complete, that’s the point the Prime Minister has decided and he’s the boss, he is the CEO. That’s the point he has decided the ban will end.”

The Prime Minister has said he will allow frontbenchers to return to the show when it is moved to the ABC’s news and current affairs division.

“I think most people would be rather surprised that Q&A, which is self-evidently a current affairs program, was not in the news and current affairs division already and hadn’t always been so;  it makes sense to move it in there,” said Mr Turnbull.

Ms Sales countered this point, saying Q&A was “an opinion show – it’s not in the business of factual news reporting and the rigour that’s involved in that”.

She asked whether it would be a “slippery slope” for the ABC to accede to Mr Abbott’s Q&A demand.

“Aren’t you a whisker away from saying ministers won’t appear on 7.30 unless they can speak uninterrupted?” she asked.

“I do understand your point,” Mr Turnbull said. “I think that’s a very, very fair point. And I’m hopeful that the circumstances that caused this ban to arise will never occur again.”

Again Mr Turnbull has emerged as the voice of reason, but this time, at least, it seems his is on the Prime Minister’s side.

Do you think this will be the end of the Q&A debacle? 

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  1. He was on the 7.30 report earlier in the night, he admitted himself that the Q&A’s rating have shot up since The Liberal Party has boycotted it. I love the show, I don’t miss these snarly Liberals at all. If the ABC changes the format to accommodation this dictatorship, I doubt I will watch it

  2. i think malcom turnbull likes the camera more than the wrath of abbott,it is all a bit crazy,abbott sanctioned turnbulls appearance on 7 30 report,as usual turnbull presented his smokescreen of self adulation,to put it bluntly the coalitions p r exercise at the moment is pretty fu##ed

  3. Malcolm Turnbull is a turncoat and time he made a turn around back to Labour

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    • He was not on the show, you obviously have no concept of the ABC, the 7.30 report is on at 7.30pm.. Q&A is on at 9.30pm, by that time Turnbull had well and truly left the studio and was home.. I have no idea how long you have been in Australia but you need to get your facts right before you comment

  4. John Hewson was a good guest, he is a reminder to us older Australians , what the Liberal Party was all about before this latest mob of dictators took over..I bet Abbott was frothing at the mouth watching it. I never missed Turnbull at all

    7 REPLY
    • did you watch the show? because he said Howards war in Iraq , gave rise to terrorism and he is correct. It was an illegal war and he has bought these terrorist down on us. lady I am not hysterical at all..just factual

    • Well said David James . Totally agree . John Hewson i always had respect for, the trouble is good honest politicans dont make the top job . ,Because they are not afraid to speak the truth .

    • ‘Dictators’ I think you need to check the dictionary … Frothing at the mouth also says a lot about you, not factual at all.

    • Judy…I am so sorry that you are unable to see that Abbot is a Narcissist……We had his clone in Queensland….called Newman….He is now gone…booted out by the people….Abbot is about power and control… incapable of listening to anyone but himself….He has done a lot to promote Narcissism in this country….His days are now numbered thank heavens!!!!

  5. Turnbull is probably fully aware this boycott is only hurting the Liberal Party, the rating have shot up since the boycott. Q&A will survive with or without the Liberal Party. And the Liberals are the ones wasting an opportunity to be on a very popular tv show.. more fool them

    8 REPLY
    • ABC doesn’t participate in the ratings. Q&A did need a shake up, it’d sunk to hysterical shock tactics, they admitted Zaky Mallah was a mistake. It needed to lift the game & an enquiry has probably made them do so. I used to love this show & looks like it might improve to what it was. Good effort… It’s my tax paying money that’s paying for it.

    • you are wrong.. Turnbull himself admitted they had gone up in the have not even watched it ..your a know all know nothing

    • David is right Turnbull did admit the rating had shot sky high since the Liberal boycotted, you people really need to view these programs before you comment Judy Potts, you just sound ignorant.

    • Maybe all the Laborites , decided to vote. John Hewson was so good the PUBLIC voted him out, ! Quick smart !!! He now is in a big Clean Energy Company who stood to make millions from Renewable Energy Comm, As for Turnbull, Labor didn’t want him , didn’t get the vote in Libs, I can assure you no Libs want him either. I watched last night, no uproar , because everyone invited was in agreement. all from the same side,

    • troll on someone else post Dawn Bruce . you are annoying to many..if you have an opinion put it out there but don’t tell me because I am not interested, unlike you I watch the show

    • Dawn Bruce, it’s amazing how a group of people, showing the use of common sense, could all be in agreement, isn’t it?

  6. How is it the liberal party members are being gagged by the big T.A. I thought it was a Democratic Party not a dictatorship !

    6 REPLY
    • They aren’t being ‘gagged’ they were advised not to appear on the show while the enquiry was in place … Get your facts straight & calm the hysteria.

    • Weren’t they told not to appear on the show not just advised not to? Judy Potts seems to be doing a Dawn Bruce….

    • you right julie I have blocked them both, they drive you nutty answering their rubbish and you can tell they don’t watch the show and it just creates trouble, far easier just to block 🙂

  7. It was a much better show without the LNP, John Hewson, like a lot of former MPs spoke with a voice of wisdom, I quiet like him.

    5 REPLY
  8. Why anyone other than a raging left winger bother going on such a biased show.

    5 REPLY
    • At least he speaks the truth. Q & A is biased as last night proved. everyone was all lovey dovey, All damned Abbott, & Co, blamed everyone for the war, No Libs to pick on. The way Prefer it, WHY would you go on there to be humiliated as happens every week,

  9. Time for Abbott to let this go. He has made his point, he does mot have a clue what he is doing. Time to go.

    3 REPLY
    • The enquiry is in progress. There’s no question of ‘letting it go’ what a ridiculous statement.

    • What a ridiculous response Judy, as there should not be any enquiry. I like you pay taxes to fund the ABC & governments should keep their noses out, as was confirmed last night in regards to freedom of speech. Get a life

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