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Can a rebrand change our thoughts about a brand and its history? Whenever a big name brand suffers adverse publicity, whatever the reason for the loss of public confidence, it can be hard for the company affected to disassociate its self from our negative feelings.

This week sees Malaysia Airlines begin operations under its new corporate entity, Malaysia Airlines Berhad. Not an immediately catch name, and it’s not easy to see the reasoning behind the choice. Marketing advisors must feel that the additional word tagged on the end, will be enough to convince us of an overhaul we can have confidence in.

It’s hoped the rebrand will form a major part of the carrier’s turnaround plan, and herald a new beginning for the airline, which hopes to break even in 2018.

It may only look like tweak, but it means a lot to the airline who hopes that this signals the start of a new

This is the latest stage in a process started last August when the Malaysian Government resumed total ownership of the carrier, removing it from the country’s stock exchange.

The move followed two notorious and aviation disasters in 2014 and years of dire financial performance. The tragic loss of life in those incidents and the subsequent global media coverage and speculation took its toll on the airline. The disasters raised the awareness of the airline in everyone’s consciousness, and kept it there, but the toxic association with catastrophic events clearly had a negative impact on the company.

A new CEO, Christoph Mueller, was also appointed to overhaul the troubled airline, which last week received an Air Operating Certificate under the new name. But will a new CEO and a new name affect the way we feel about the carrier and its history?

Will this rebrand restore your confidence in the airline? 


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  1. I have flown Malaysia Airlines on several occasions and found them to be excellent, they are my first choice.

  2. they didnt ask for the plane to be shot down its unfair to blame the airline

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  3. Have flown with them many times and would fly with them again. Won’t fly with Virgin again though

  4. I have flowen with them before and will again as I believe the day u were born u are given a date and time and if u a r in a plane train boat car or walking out side and ur number comes up so be it

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  5. Sometimes if one wants to go somewhere there are no options. I’ve been to Kiritimati three times and there is only one option to get there and it is a once a week flight. Now Kiritimati is 6,000 ks from Brisbane and 5,600 from LA and it is the place the POMS tested all of the Atomic bombs in the 50’s.

    It has a good airstrip but it is a bit short even for the 737-400 they have on the run. It’s the STAL model and it’s getting a bit old but it does the job.

    Yep Kiritimati is the Gilbetese spelling of Christmas. It is one of 5 Christmas Islands in the world. Oz has three and there is one in Nova Scotia as well.

    I go there to Fly Fish on the flats for Bonefish but, there are lots of other things to do and the scenery is excellent. Photo, one of the back lagoons

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