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Have you ever suffered from scaly lips? It can be very uncomfortable and make you self conscious about your appearance. Using Vaseline and a toothbrush you can easily get rid of them and have soft lips that boost your confidence.


Three steps to soft lips:

  1. Take a small (finger scoop) of Vaseline and slather on your lips.
  2. Take a clean toothbrush and massage the Vaseline into your lips using a circular motion. Wipe the excess Vaseline off your lips

If you repeat this process a couple of times a day in no time at all your lips should be soft and no longer scaly!

What other DIY treatments to battle scaly lips do you know? Share your tips with us at Starts at 60!

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  1. There are far better products for this purpose, not saying Vasoline doesn’t work but it wouldn’t be my first choice. What was it we used to do when we were young and ended up with chapped red lips, no sign of cracking then. It’s slipped my mind.

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  2. I use bio oil. Also good for taking off stubborn lipstick

  3. Do,your research. Vaseline is made using petroleum chemicals, making this a toxic product to put on your skin. There are many natural products that will do the job eg: Arbonne skin care have a beautiful lip balm made exclusively from natural ingredients, but please remove dead scaling skin on the lips by exfoliating first.

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