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Most of us try to be environmentally friendly and minimise our use of plastic bags, however sometimes we can’t avoid them. It might be hard to admit, but we’re sure a few people out there have a draw or bag full of plastic bags somewhere in their house.

The problem with this is these bags take up a lot of space because they’re usually filled with air that can be trapped and make a drawer very stuffy. So to avoid a pile up and get access to plastic bags straight away without tearing and shoving the others back in, try this neat folding trick.

All you’d need is your plastic shopping bags.

1. Smooth a plastic bag horizontally and start folding it up like diagonally, creating a triangle.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.22.11 am

2. Continue folding until you reach the other side.

3. Now tuck the ends into the fold, and you have a nice little triangle of a plastic bag.


Watch this video below to help you:

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  1. I have been doing this for about 15 yrs. A lovely lady showed me when I worked for a Lifeline Op Shop. It’s a great idea…..

  2. Cute, but I have a too many fun things to do with my time so I shall continue to store mine in abag.

  3. I don’t do the triangle, just fold up
    We are trying to be plastic bag free state you need to have carry bags with you or purchase at store

  4. I just hate plastic why they dont use recycled paper i do not know

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    • Sure would we should start a movement to ban plastic bags

      1 REPLY
      • Come and live in South Australia, they legislated that the single use supermarket bags cannot be distributed after 4th May 2009. You have to bring your own, or pay for reusable (thicker) plastic ones. Some other States and Territories have followed suit since then.

  5. Time these environmental disasters were banned Australia-wide, not just in the enlightened states.

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