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Both the Police and ACMA, the Australian Communications and Media Authority, have issued warnings today for people to beware the latest email scam.

ACMA received more than 100 complaints in the course of 24 hours, implying that the scam is widespread.

Residents in Canberra and South Australia have so far been targeted by the scam, which comes in the form of an energy bill from electricity company Simply Energy.

The bill is for $288.53 and asks “customers” to download an attachment. Interestingly, there are no spelling or grammatical errors to tip you off to the fact this is a scam; the email address appears to be legitimate too.

One complainant only paused from hitting “download” because he realised at the last minute his wife had paid the energy bill just days before.

The ACT Office of Fair Trading advised another complainant to let people know about the scam to prevent anyone from paying the bill, downloading the attachment or worse.

An example of the scam email is below, the government’s Scamwatch advises that all Australians be on the lookout for something similar:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 5.40.29 am

Have you come across a scam recently? Be sure to let us know so no one gets stung! 



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  1. Well the scam would be on them as all my bills are paid monthly in advance for about 10 years now so there for I get statements but no bills, oh and I might add no bill shock.

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    • I do this as well. I work out the budget & pay it on the bill every pay period. I no longer have bill shock but actually like to see a credit there so I stay ahead of the bills, also in summer I have no issues with using the air conditioner if it is filthy hot. When I moved from the last house & actually had a credit of $650 so didn;t have to pay for a whole quarter to get it back to a reasonable amount. Have also advised our boys do do the same as it manages your money really well.
      i am so sick of all the scams today

    • I think if more people took the time to total up all the bills individually then divide them by 12 and paid them every month regardless, they would find life so much easier on themselves and never be frighten to use the heating through winter, or the air conditioner during the summer.

    • I do this to with all bills – i say pay as you use – bills come in always in credit. Work out a budget and make your payment – i do every 2 weeks. Get good discounts for paying also on gas + electricity early

    • Yes Ladies that is why I said to total All Of your bills individually for the 12 months and divide them by 12 or even 26 fortnightly payments and you will never worry again.

    • Kay Eller Why would you pay ‘ahead’?

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      • Because you would rather give the interest on your money to the energy/phone company than keep it in your account and budget the same amount each week/month. Not sure why some people do this but looking at the responses lots do.

  2. I would know it is a scam but I suppose many would not, never open any of these emails or attachments, if in doubt ring your service provider and ask, is this bill from you?

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    • I miss out on winning millions of dollars a week because I won’t open emails saying ‘you have been chosen’. Luckily you can read the first bit without opening

    • Me too Sue, I have set up my e-mail account so that all dodgy e-mails go into the spam folder and I just click delete, I was shocked yesterday when I decided to see if their much in in the spam folder and for just 1 day there was 47 e-mails, so I was happy that it’s working well.

    • I didn’t check my emails for a week earlier in the year, there was over 700 there, most of them dodgy. It took me hours to check for legit ones and delete all the crap

    • Sue by adding your legit emails to your address book they won’t go into your spam folder which might be quicker for you than going through 700.

    • I have marked a lot of them as spam, but I stll check my spam because every so often there’s an email from someone legit that I’ve never had one from before

  3. Interesting. I had a call from a power company a few days ago about my ‘overdue account’. The guy was speaking so quickly, babbling about giving him my card and bank details and he’d arrange a small DD each week. I couldn’t get a word in, I ended up yelling at him that I’m not on the grid and don’t get a power bill. He hung up, but I was furious. If you are so short of money that you’re behind in your payments the last thing you need is some mongrel taking your last few dollars

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