Life hack: You’ve been flossing incorrectly this whole time 15



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Here’s a great video showing you how dentists want you to floss your teeth.


Dr Carlos Meulener says that a simple up and down movement with the floss is best for removing bacteria, and swapping over your fingers when doing your top and bottom teeth will make the whole process easier.


Is this how you’ve been flossing? Do you floss regularly?

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  1. Thanks for the Demonstation . Made it look easy. And confident Im doing it almost correct. Easier n I w. Thanks.☺

  2. There are flossies now that are made in such a way that are so easy to use … not like those long “strings”. They are toothpicks at one end and flossies at one end … one hand use.

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    • If the floss as demonstrated above does not work for you, then I don’t know what you could use because the floss I am talking about is made of the same material as above, except the opposite end of the plastic handle is made to serve as toothpick.

  3. Have never flossed. Have no problems with my teeth. Simply brush twice a day. 65 and still have all my own teeth.
    Fortunately good teeth run in my family. Mind you, that might change in 15 or 20 years. LOL

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