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You will never purchase unhealthy butter from the store again once you learn how to make your own organic version. The benefits: it has fatty acids to protect you against cancer and it is packed with vitamin A, which is vital for health of our eyes, skin and teeth. You can also keep the butter for several months before it goes bad.


  • Two cups of organic heavy cream
  • Sea salt to taste


  1. Pour the heavy cream into a food processor and mix for 10 minutes. The cream will turn into a thick whipped consistency first.
  2. Continue to process until it turns grainy and separates in butter and butter milk. Drain buttermilk from the butter.
  3. Scrape the butter from the sides and put it in a clean bowl. Place the butter into a colander and strain the remaining buttermilk.
  4. Rinse the butter with cold water while gently turning the butter with a spoon till the running water is clear.
  5. When the butter is clean you can squeeze more liquid from the butter using a wooden spoon to smash the butter and pour out the liquid.
  6. Place the butter in a dish and store it in the fridge or freeze.


Tell us, will you try this trick? Have they worked for you before?

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  1. Why do we get such contradictory information re butter / margarine. What is fact and what is difference of opinion. One minute I’m reading you should only eat butter because it’s all natural. The next I’m reading it’s totally unhealthy and it’ll kill you. Margarine is full of chemicals, margarine is plant derived with no bad fats. Shush someone would get their facts straight once and for all.

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  2. I hate the taste of yellow butter, makes me gag. When I was 12 I discovered white European butter in Switzerland. It’s the only butter I ever buy or use.

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  3. When we first married we had a guernsey/Jersey x cow called Lactric. She kept us in milk and butter. We had a cherrywood churn. After retaining milk for the house the rest went through the separator. The cream was turned into butter, and the skim milk was fed to the pigs. We enjoyed our own butter. The only thing added was salt. Before margarine has coloring added it is black. I haven’t eaten margarine since the war when butter was unavailable except with coupons and sometimes not even then. Oh, and I hated washing the separator and then putting it in the oven to ensure it dried thoroughly. It had so many parts.

  4. Used to skim the cream off the vat when we were on the dairy & make butter. Much better than margarine.

  5. A bit of a expensive way to make butter. We always had home made butter when growing up, but we had our own Jersey cows, so plenty of cream.

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    • Did a rough edit re cost not a big difference plus you get the buttermilk. If you like cooking this is a bonus. Great for cakes etc.

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