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Everyone has come across that stubborn lid that refuses to budge. It is a very frustrating process but luckily there are a few great tips to help you. The best thing about all these options is that you they work without you having to! Plus you won’t need to buy any unnecessary kitchen gadget that might not work.


Below are four great solutions for you to try.

1. Rubber band method

  • Wrap a rubber band around the lid several times to give you a better grip. Thicker bands tend to work better and you’ll also need fewer of them to secure a firm grip. If you don’t have any rubber bands handy, you can also use rubber gloves to give you a better grip.

2. Place in hot water

  • Depending on what it is in the jar, you can try running the lid under hot water so the metal expands and opens more easily. Or you can try turning the jar upside down in a bowl of hot water; after about 30 seconds the seal should loosen for you to open it.

3. Break the vacuum seal with a kitchen utensil 

  • Grab a utensil to pry up the lid! Wiggle it back and forth until you hear a ‘pop’, which will be the sound of the seal breaking.
  • Use a wooden spoon and start tapping the edges of the jar. This should great air pockets that will loosen the seal for you to then open.

5. Use plastic wrap to get a better grip

  • Put plastic wrap over the opening to make it easier to dislodge next time.


Another tip if the jar contains sticky ingredients is to put a piece of plastic wrap over the lid and then screw the lid on top. This will prevent the lid from getting stuck again.



Tell us, have you tried any of these methods? What worked best for you? 

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  1. Either put an elastic band round the lid for better grip or tap the lid all round the sides with the back of a spoon. Works every time

  2. Have arthritis in my hands and breaking the vacuum seal is the only way I get lids open or waiting for one of the kids to visit

  3. I stab the lid with a knife releases the pressure,

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