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One of the best things about going to get a coffee from a boutique cafe is the perfect froth on top. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you can get the same experience at home? And without spending hundreds of dollars on a coffee machine? With this easy recipe, you can invite you friends over for cappuccino style coffee anytime. You will also become the favourite Gran when you create hot chocolate with warm frothed milk.

We have the perfect two step approach to frothing milk:


  • 2% Milk or fat-free milk


  • small jar with lid
  • microwave


  1. Pour the milk into the jar
  2. Seal the lid
  3. Shake the jar with the milk in it, until foamed
  4. Place the jar into the microwave for 30 seconds
  5. Open the lid, use a spoon to get the froth out of the jar and onto your coffee.


Tip for pros: you can use a spoon to get the warm milk into your coffee then add the froth on top just how a barista would do so in a cafe.



Tell us, have you ever made frothed milk at home? How did it go? Will you try this recipe?


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  1. The old coffee plunger works perfectly. Just froth the milk up and down usung the plunger, then put in microwave without any metal bits (the plunger and/or handle) and wait for the milk to rise to the top. Perfect froth!

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  2. You can get frog gets at aldis that are not expensive.

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    • I am sure you did not mean it, but what are frog gets that you can get at Aldi.
      Your computer is taking over.

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