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Often we cook more pasta than we need for a meal and need to reheat it in the microwave. However, it can be a bit tricky reheating a giant blob of saucy spaghetti. It starts to sizzle around the perimeter and leaves the middle ice cold.

So next time you need to warm up your leftovers, shape the pasta into a doughnut on the plate – put a hole in the middle and this will help create even warming! You won’t need to stop and stir several times.





Tell us, have you ever tried this trick? Will you be warming up your pasta like this next time?

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  1. I never use a microwave. I really suspect it does damage to food and therefore damage to me if I eat it. It takes only a few minutes to heat a bowl or plate of food over boiling water in a pan. Hot food and peace of mind.

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    • I do not agree with you there. It steams the veggies as they cook. Microwave overs have been around since about 1970 and to date I don’t think anyone has died from food cooked or reheated in one.

    • I would not know that Wendy as I don’t have the statistics on who has died from microwaved food. Thanks for sharing that your views are different from mine. I guess you will continue to microwave and I will continue not to. Nice that we are all different in this world isn’t it? 🙂

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      • those who died from microwaved food – are not talking

        meanwhile – having just made my first handmade pasta – 100gm flour, 1 egg, stir by hand, touch of water/oil/salt to taste – last night – great – another trick I’ve read when first cooking pasta – is the one-minute vigorous stirring after you’ve tipped out except one spoonful of the cooking water – apparently makes it silky –

        and if you’re going to add/stir/cook in the sauce the proper Italian way, then tip out the water a couple of minutes early to allow for the extra cooking time for the sauce to adhere

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        • or you can use a method similar to rice absorption method, let it sit for 10 mins until a significant amount or all liquid is absorbed. Oftentimes if you get the balance of the water right, it all soaks in and makes a yummy pasta

    • People don’t die straight away over food reheated in microwave, they got severe illnesses in the long term then died later without knowing if the consequences are or were from the laser effects, u r right Robyn Green, but occasionally I use microwave if I’m in a hurry!

    • God you oeople talk crap. Many more killers and disease causes out there then from microwave ovens.

    • Not being very polite to “oeople” are you Carmel? Why is it necessary to denigrate someone who holds a different opinion to yours? Me not using a microwave causes you no harm. Play nicely yes? We are supposed to be mature on this site.

  2. Cup of water in the microwave works heating up food doesn’t dry out different strokes for different folks..

  3. I use circular microwave containers for everything. Cooking, re-heating no matter what the food is with the centre kept clear (apart from total liquid I haven’t had much success keeping the centre empty with liquids)

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