Life hack: Reduce the calories in white rice 27



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New research arriving out of the University of Sri Lanka has found a way to reduce the amount of calories in rice. Ironically, it involves adding fat, in the form of coconut oil.

Rice is comprised of starch that is both digestible and starch that is resistant to digestion. Certain starch is resistant to digestion because the human gut does not have the appropriate enzymes to break it down. So, digestion resistant starch in rice is therefore not transformed into sugar and absorbed into the blood stream. The more starch that is resistant to digestion, the fewer the calories absorbed by the body.

This method therefore acts to turn some of the digestible starch into starch that is resistant to digestion.


  • Add a teaspoon of coconut oil to boiling water
  • Add half a cup of white rice
  • Cook for 40 minutes
  • Once cooked, add to fridge for 12 hours

After being cooked this way rice will contain 50 to 60 per cent less calories, researchers say.


Would you give this method of rice cooking a try? 

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  1. Much rather use Basmati rice. It is low GI, and it can be used straight away to make fried rice. Not starchy, and doesn’t clump together while you are cooking it. No need to dry out before using it!

  2. Pasta can be similar without oil. Cook then cool and reheat when you want to eat changes it composition too. I’ve always loved reheated pasta and curries. Who knew.

  3. Sounds like one of those dubious claims made by various “experts” on the Internet. Can you please give reference to some sound scientific journal to check this out.

  4. Place flower parts of cauliflower in food processor, blend until small. Cut up shallot, place in wok or frypan with minimal oil. Cook, add cauliflower, salt, pepper if needed, water to help cooking process, add 2 tablespoons dark soy sauce. Mix and cook until wanted consistency – a few minutes, depending on amount of cauliflower. Replaces rice in any recipe! – and even less calories !

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    • Wow. I’m going to try that. Also steaming cauliflower until soft then adding a bit of Parmesan, salt and pepper, a bit of butter and milk if you like, makes perfect “mashed potatoes”. Using a blender works best. No carbs!

  5. Calories don’t mysteriously disappear out of food. And you can’t remove calories by adding more calories and 20ml of fat.
    Anyone who believes this will akso believe that if you break a chocolate biscuit in half then the fat and calories will fall out and you can then eat it guilt free. LOL

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