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Summer – it’s the best time of year to head outside, enjoy the heat, relax near the water and make the most of the long sunny afternoons.

It’s also the time when mosquitos like to breed…

This means that you are probably going to be battling those itchy mosquito bites all summer if you’re heading outdoors.

If you find yourself under attack and out of bug repellent, there is an easy way to stop that itch, and fast.

Grab a metal spoon and heat it up somehow. Either over a fire or stove top. Make sure you don’t microwave the spoon though!

By pressing the now heated spoon onto the mosquito bite, the heat will destroy the reaction and stop the itching.

I feel like this doesn’t need to be said, but make sure you don’t burn yourselves.

Be safe!

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  1. smart idea..another one is to dissolve soluble aspirin in a small amount of water and make it into a paste..aspirin contains antihistamine it takes the itch away

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  2. DOn’t get bitten in the first place, mozzies carry all sorts of diseases including Ross River Fever, use insect repellents, Please tell me just how you enjoy heat. Makes me long for Tassie.

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    • Penny you have to acclimatise we’ve been here from Canberra for three years and are still getting used to it..

    • I’ve lived in the northern rivers NSW since 1984, not acclimatised yet! How long does it take? Love the ‘winter’ though.

    • Cant stand being cold you can wear light loose clothing to keep cool in the heat or go for a swim .but if you put on all the clothing to keep warm you cant move.

    • Doesn’t get cold here, not very. It’s not always convenient to go for a swim, do have to work! And light loose clothing does nothing in the humidity.

  3. Rub the area with wet soap, not liquid soap, don’t wash off, leave to dry. Takes the sting right out. Works for sandfly bites too.

  4. Wetting the top of a soluble aspirin and rubbing it directly on to an insect bite eases pain and inflammation in much the same way as a dock leaf. Equally, applying dissolved aspirin to the shingles rash, or to rosacea – an inflammatory rash – may ease inflammation, pain and itching. below is a link with other handy tips for bites

  5. Also make a cross with your fingernail on the bite, it will stop the itch and your spit works as well..

  6. We encourage swallows around, they are nesting in a shed which is a pain, but they eat most of the mozzies, so well worth covering a cupboard to catch their leavings!

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