Life hack: Never lose an earring while travelling again 14



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If you always end up just one earring when you’re travelling this little hint will really help you out and is very simple! All you need is a button! Thread your earrings through the button holes and keep those pairs together.


Via Levi Brown

Are there some travel tips that you think we should know about?

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  1. I bought a small cheap plastic tackle box for my earrings, pendants etc and if I am going away, it’s already to go. I just put a small make up pad in each compartment so they don’t get damaged. The box was $3 at KMart and I know where they all are if I want to change ones I wear every day.

  2. I just keep one lot in ears when away. Diamonds o with anything and no one knows if they are real or not! Well worth buying

  3. I’ve become a lazy traveller – I have worn the same pair for 6 years whether I’m away or not. Must have 30 or 40 pairs that I should really give away (I used to make costume jewellery). I like the button idea though.

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