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We all seem to want more wardrobe space but sometimes buying a bigger closet isn’t always an option! This little life hack will save your favourite clothes from the donation bin, and save space….

Simply save up soft drink can tabs from your friends and family. Once you have enough, thread them on to your existing hangers like so:




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  1. Just put another hanger in the tab after placing the tab on the hanger but if you put too much weight on that closet rod you can expect it to break

  2. Double quick the little round button and it might show all the windows open Then just slide upwards to get rid of them Worth a try Diane Love

  3. Been doing that for years! Its good for keeping co ordinates together. They do break if you put too much weight on them though – so … Use 2!

  4. Diane, if you are unclear as to how to discard read windows & thus open more spaces to download…. Tap the little sq containing a number at top of page to right of http://www….. address. As each previously opened window appears, tap the iridescent red minus sign on it to delete. I usually continue repeating this to give me a full quota of empty windows. Hope this helps. 🙂

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