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Stainless steel is meant to be ‘stainless’ and water is often meant to clean but the two combined often leave marks. If you are wanting to give your stainless steel products that new-look shine this article should be able to help.

Vinegar is the magic word and the only cleaning product you will need!

  • For cutlery mix one part water and three parts vinegar in a container and place the cutlery in the mixture. Then simply take a cloth or tea-towel and dry each individual item.
  • For a dishwasher or fridge front put the same water/vinegar mix in a spray bottle and spray the surface. Wipe off the liquid spray with a soft cloth for that shining finish.
  • For more permanent stains, like those hard water stains around a sink tap, the stains should be soaked straight vinegar. To do this firstly soak a cloth in vinegar and place/wrap it around the stained area. Let it sit for an hour and then remove the cloth. Then take a old scourer and gently scrub the surface to fully remove the stain.

Do you have any other cleaning tips?

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  1. my daughter told me that a well..because when she left school and before she told me that is what they use to clean down all the stainless steel benches and is used as a disinfectant as well.

  2. Vinegar being an acid can damage some stainless items as ferrous is often used in its manufacture to provide strength, be careful to remove the vinegar particularly from cutlery and utensils.

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