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Your perfume might smell great at the beginning of the day, but it tends to wear off… not anymore with this trick!

All you need to do is apply Vaseline to any area you’re applying perfume, let it sink in for 2 minutes, then spray perfume over the top.

It’s that easy!

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  1. I wear Coco Chanel, I put it on at 7.30am and you can still smell it at 7.30pm +. It’s like most things, you get what you pay for. Yes, it’s expensive but a 100ml bottle lasts me for about 8 months^.
    However, I like this idea.

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    • I have Coco Chanel too and its a strong perfume so you dont need much. My Jean Paul Gaultiere lasts too, although I can never smell them on myself! This is a great idea for lighter perfumes.

    • That’s true Kerry Goodwin. I also have La Vie est Belle by Lancome, it also lasts through till the evening. As for not smelling them on yourself, if you can, you have too much on lol. (Was told this when I was about 17).

    • I love Poeme by Lancome. There’s just something about perfume the French are better at.. Also love white Linen by Estee Lauder. Thanks for the tip though.

  2. Bathe it in like my mil does. She lathers it on before she goes anywhere and I swear people can smell her from 2 blocks away from where ever she is.

  3. Some older people need to not put to much perfume on I have a bad reaction to strong perfume and almost stop breathing just by walking past someone and I’m not the only one

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