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From time to time we have to light hard to reach candles and they can be really tricky! Some of us don’t have long matches or want to risk it with a lighter, but this easy trick could make your life a lot easier this Christmas.

All you need is a stick of spaghetti….

Light the end and voila! A long lighter for your hard-to-reach candles.


Do you have a lot of candles? When do you burn them? Tell us below!

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  1. Perth has a lot of power cuts, with bush fires, road accidents and weather problems. Wouldn’t dare to not have a stash of candles somewhere easy to get to.

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    • Linda during the last storm season here in Brisbane, prior to this, I purchased from Bunnings a battery operated version of a hurricane lamp, it has two power levels as well a flashing lights if necessary; safer and more cost effective in the long run for storms.

    • Thanks. We have two large torches always by our door, but the candles are fine just to sit next to if it goes on for a long time. We had a three days failure last year. Will go look at H. Lamps though.

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