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Many of us buy a bunch of bananas and think “great, breakfast is sorted for the week”!

However by the time Thursday rolls around, our healthy bunch of bananas have been reduced to a brown and yellow mess.

Many people have different tricks or theories in order to try and increase the life of their bananas. We here at Starts at Sixty have uncovered a couple of differing methods that are sure to help keep your bananas fresher for longer.

1. Wrap each individual stem in plastic wrap

By wrapping the stems of your bananas in plastic wrap, you prevent ethylene gas from reaching the other parts of the fruit. Ethylene gas is the gas that occurs naturally during the ripening process, and is thought to accelerate the ripening process. While this method wont stop all of the gas from getting through, it’s better then nothing and is sure to make at least some difference in the life of your fruit

2. Use lemon juice or vinegar to keep banana slices fresh

Sounds funky, but the use of lemon juice or vinegar removes the amount of oxygen that gets to the fruit and in turn reduces enzymatic browning. You’ll want to be careful if using vinegar. Too much will leave you with sour banana slices. Use about a teaspoon of vinegar and try to coat all of sides of the slices.


How do you keep your bananas fresh? Let us know in the comments below

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  1. Separate the bananas from the bunch and wrap the (growing) end in alfoil. I only eat Lady Finger bananas, so they naturally seem to last a bit longer anyway.

  2. I buy bananas in varying degrees of ripeness and wrap the greener ones individually in foil and keep in the crisper bin in the fridge. Bring them out gradually the day before you want to eat them and they’ll last at least a week, depending on how ripe they are to start with.

  3. Store them in your wine refrigerator if you have one – about 7-13 degrees.. they keep for much longer..

  4. Completely wrap them in paper towel or newspaper and they will keep in the crisper for up to a week. We did this at the child care centre I cooked at

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    • I’ll have to try that as mine go off by the next day. Given that they were probably picked a year ago, kept in cold storage all that time and them put on display in warmer atmosphere, you can hardly blame them for going “off”. I haven’t been buying them lately as they only last a day.

  5. I wrap individual bananas in clingwrap & store in bottom of fridge & they will keep for over a week

  6. Agree with Maureen, if starting to ripen too much, freeze them, as well as for cakes, I use them for smoothies add some frozen strawberries also. If too ripe chop them and place around your pot plants, never throw the skins away use them for your pot plants, lots of potassium in them.

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