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If you’re in a bit of a rush and don’t have time to try on a pair of pants in a shop, then there is one fashion secret you need to know.

You can see if a pair of pants with fit by putting them around the circumference of your neck.

Don’t believe us? Give this life hack a go!


1. Button up the pant of pants you want to buy

2. Wrap the waistline around your neck to complete a circle as if it were a cape

3. If the ends meet together perfectly without pulling, they’re the right size. If there’s any left over fabric when you bring the ends together, they are too big. If you have to pull the ends to meet around your neck, the pants are too small.


Did it work for you? It’s worked for us many times. It’s another one of those weird body tricks.

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  1. Also, your foot is the same length from the crook of you elbow to your wrist. Place your shoe there to see.

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    • lol! Spp York, I mentioned this to some friends while we were out for dinner one night….you should have seen them all trying to put their foot between the elbow and wrist. Not one of them thought to remove their shoe and do it! lol!

  2. Might work if you aren’t carrying and bulk around your middle unless you wear hipsters which on older people look stupid

  3. That doesn’t work for me. I have a skinny neck for my size. I put one side on your hip and see if it reaches the other over your widest part

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